Do Americans Care More About Sports than Politics?

US Health News 2013
This is what’s wrong with America…


Obamacare isn’t the problem with the US healthcare system; corruption in the industry of health is the problem. Look at the top health headlines from Google News above; not only are the three items relating to miracle sex-related cures rated above eating healthy, but treating a curved erection is more important than every other health concern in our country today, except a better Hepatitis C drug. I don’t even have a problem with drugs and elective penile surgeries being promoted above healthy eating (I get that a lot of people want an easy button) – my problem is more about the priorities in this country.

Aids and cancer could probably have been eradicated by now if we properly funded the people doing that research. Unfortunately that’s not how it works – so many of those highly intelligent, resourceful, and well-meaning people are instead lured away from curing cancer by rich pharmaceutical companies. These companies pay better than any well-intentioned organization could ever afford. I can’t blame them for abandoning the good fight for a stable and comfortable life; I make the same choices in my own career.

Rather than work toward any machine, whether one in power or one working against it, I choose to follow my own path. I work toward causes here and there, but I prefer pursuing a life of leisure and comfort. I’m not even sorry for making these types of decisions. It’s not like I’m sitting in a mansion stealing everyone’s money; I’m a broke guy working for my own survival. You can kiss my ass if you don’t agree with the path I choose to walk.

Rebel with Every Cause…


Although my intentions are selfish, my work does tend to benefit others. I rage against every machine, and, for every enemy I make, I gain a friend. Many men live by the ancient proverb, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend,” and I’m among them. I live by a code of honor, and I respect those who live by their own code of honor, regardless of the position they’re born into or the profession they choose to dedicate their lives to. Because I often act on my beliefs, I find myself drawing inspiring both admiration and ire from all sides.

The intent of my personal battles are eclipsed by the effects of my actions. My personal vendettas are against corruption in major machines. Problems arose when I involved myself in the machine run by the anti-establishment: Anonymous. Finding corruption in Anonymous had me siding with the one machine I have my strongest relationship with – the United States government…well…the dream of it anyway…

News or Football…


My choices lead me to a lot of slacktivists – they’re the ones always screaming for change. I find they’re the ones who are usually aggressive and violent as well. When the gun-totting conservatives don’t agree with me, they politely ignore or disregard me. They change the channel and go back to their football, video games, gluttony, and alcohol. Slacktivists go out of their way to silence me. Unfortunately slacktivists are necessary because the polite people aren’t interested in changing the world; they’re too busy changing their fantasy football lineup.

So now I’m stuck in a vicarious position…I’m having to depend on the support of the people I’m publicly working both with and against. I’m not interested in straightening my curved penis or who won which game. I want my freedom back…and the only way I see to do it is to make revolution cool again. I have to find a way to get the uninvolved involved in the right ways…it’s time to go back to the drawing board…

Brian Penny Whistleblower Dr. Dre Chronic Mala BeadsBrian Penny is a former business analyst at Bank of America turned whistleblower, consultant, troll doctor, and writer. He’s featured on The Huffington Post, MainstreetLifehackMoney Side of Life, Gaiam, HardcoreDroid, and more.


Brian Penny is a former Business Analyst and Operations Manager at Bank of America turned whistleblower, troll, and freelance writer.

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