Best Key and Peele Halloween Sketches

Every few years Comedy Central spawns a sketch comedy show that makes SNL look weak in comparison. Although it took some time to find its voice, Key & Peele looks to be every bit the classic The Chapelle Show is. In fact, it’s up there with Chapelle, Sarah Silverman Program, South Park, and Workaholics as some of the best programming in the network’s history.

Key & Peele have a smart digital marketing strategy and regularly rotate skits among streaming services. In fact, this season, they’re one of the shows available on The Pirate Bay before airing.

To celebrate this week’s Halloween episode, let’s look back at the top five Key & Peele Halloween-themed skits:

1. Racist Zombies

Kevin Sorbo makes a brief appearance in this sketch until he’s brutally murdered by zombies, Walking Dead-style.

Now the only two survivors, Key and Peele team up to survive. Somehow they’re surviving, but something is off. In suburbia, all the zombies are white. Turns out, no zombies are attacking the brothers because they’re racist as shit – even stopping their zombie children from eating them.

So the dynamic duo has nothing better to do than hang out and barbecue by the pool with the rest of the black folk at the one black house in the neighborhood.

2. Michael Jackson Costume

I love overdoing costumes, and clearly so does Noah, a partygoer overly zealous to show off his MJ impersonation. He starts of ok, but quickly devolves into a parody, art I’ve point even saying, “Where are the kids?”

Meanwhile the host attempts to stop him as politely as possible before finally bursting out about the terrible costume, acting, and timing. This is when Noah sad moonwalks away.

3. Sexy Vampires

All those Anne Rice novels and Twilight movies would have you believing vampires are all goth and sexy. They roam around in sexually charged packs, feasting passionately on every morsel.

Homies don’t play that, though. If you’re going to invite someone to eat, let’s eat – there’s no need for all the overly dramatic dancing.

This skit is perfect to watch with the Vampire Diary fan or goth friend in your group.

4. Saw Victims

Not since Monty Python’s The Life of Brian has looking on the bright side of life in the face of torturous adversity been so hilariously portrayed.

Having woken up in a torture chamber and being tormented by a brutal serial killer didn’t phase Key and Peele one bit. Instead they choose to wax poetic about the silver lining and show gratitude to the point of driving even the serial killer crazy.

5. Black Horror Movie Fans

Introduced with a great bit in this season’s car format, Key & Peele portray two thugs leaving the theater after watching a scary movie.

While laughing about how stupid and unscary the movie was, they continue being freaked out. Turns out that stupid horror movie wasn’t so stupid after all.

After freaking out at every turn, this actually ends up being one of the skits that ends without a strange twist.

Brian Penny shades whistleblower anonymousBrian Penny is a former Business Analyst and Operations Manager at Bank of America turned whistleblower, troll, and freelance consultant. Penny has been featured in The Huffington Post, Wall Street Journal



Brian Penny is a former Business Analyst and Operations Manager at Bank of America turned whistleblower, troll, and freelance writer.

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