20 Best Episodes of Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast Prior to 2020 Bill Burr is a working man's comedian who puts in a lot of work

William Frederic Burr is an American stand-up comedian with that classic Angry Boston accent and take on everything. He also started podcasting long before Conan, Maron, Rogan, and the other big players. And his show stands the test of time.

Every week, Burr has over 100,000 people tuning in to hear his rants and rambling on all sorts of crazy topics. It’s easily his more relatable material outside stand-up. F is for Family is hard to watch outside the east coast.  He proved his acting chops in Breaking Bad, and his Netflix stand-up comedy specials remained solid long after Doug Stanhope realized people only like him when he’s angry at the world.


Burr is a lovable guy, and his comedy stands the test of time. Between his Monday Morning Podcast and Thursday afternoon Podcast, he’s been steadily cranking out digestible content. It would be a shame to sleep on this piece of comedic history.

You can even find his podcasts from 2007-2010 on the Internet Archive. Burr is a steady topic of discussion on Reddit. For now, check out these classic episodes from Bill Burr’s rambling podcast.

20. Bill rambles about steak houses, the Bruins and legal tender.

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If there’s anyone who can get you revved up about banks and their fees, it’s Burr. As a whistleblower, I love this episode, but I could just be biased.

19. Bill rambles about Madison Square Garden, press conferences and falling out of bed.

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Actually a Thursday Afternoon podcast, I always love hearing the Boston perspective on New York’s treasured arena. And don’t get me started on the press.

18. Bill sits down with comedian and author Ritch Shydner.

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This stand-up comedian and writer is a standout guest on Burr’s podcast. This is a good place to start if you’ve not heard much from either of these men.

17. Bill rambles about The South, security and Deep Purple.

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If you want Burr at his comedic best, here it is. He has some great one-liners that still hold up today.

16. Bill rambles about the NFL, Vegas, and Dr. Phil

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Check out how The Arizona Republic became ground zero for the battle of media unions. 

15. Bill rambles about sun stroke, robots, and pretzel rolls.

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Burr is not impressed with the atmosphere on Mars, and his pre-game rant is the stuff of legend.

14. Bill rambles about technology, meteors, and why you can’t help a pussy in a relationship.

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I think Burr’s at his best when talking about relationships. He really digs in to explain what it’s like having a pet, a girlfriend, and a pussy-whipped friend in a relationship.

13. Bill rambles about a shot of syrup w/ an OJ chaser, texting while driving and what to do when you get busted for DUI.

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Sometimes Burr is informative as well as entertaining. Here are a few tips for dealing with the realities of alcohol, courtesy of the man himself.

12. Bill rambles about F1 robberies, Brad Paisley, and the Cellar Table.

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This entire episode is quality, and it’s Bill all by himself, riffing on Louis, Patrice, and everyone else in comedy. If you want A game Bill Burr observations, this is it.

11. Bill rambles about kissing in public, psychos, and listening to your gut.

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Did you know most military families living on base want to move off base because of housing scandals?

10. Bill rambles about Crows, Cheesecake, and Alternative comedy.

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Burr’s comedy doesn’t really fit with the alternative crowd, but he’s also a lot more open about certain subjects than you’d think he’d be for a working stiff. This is a fun perspective you don’t often get from comedy podcasts.

9. Bill rambles about Hitler’s Fresh Prince of Bel Air Fade, being home alone, and Paul Virzi’s Robinson Cano pick.

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I mean…the title alone should be enough, but this is one of Bill’s early podcasts that really shows you how good he was even back when nobody cared.

8. Bill rambles about Epstein, ‘Do What You Love’, and helping schools.

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The Jeffrey Epstein conspiracy theories were running deep when Bill sat down to get political. Here’s a great look at the political perspectives he has.

7. Bill Rambles about the Red Sox, Bud Light cans, and breaking up with people.

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If you love everything Americana, this rant goes over Dodger Stadium, the Red Sox, and all the fun October baseball news. Andrew and the crew are great too.

6. Bill rambles about early morning apologies, dreams and shaving your head.

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Sometimes Burr can be motivational af without even realizing it. He digs into the controversy surrounding his comments about Bruce Jenner and is at the top of his “don’t give a single fuck” game.

5. Bill rambles about the news, beautiful women, and getting back on the wagon.

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Burr is a master of telling stories, and he discusses AA, the Rose Bowl, and everything else. He never seems to get as dark as Marc Maron, so it’s easy to wake up to his voice honestly.

4. Bill rambles about the digging up the dead, taping a special, and burping at the gym.

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Bill’s interaction with fans is good whenever he actually gets something good. But he’s also quick to start arguing. People have a misconception that just because you like him that he likes you. I love when he goes off on people.

3. Bill rambles about the NFL caring, moving your head, and shoplifting.

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Joe Rogan is an expert at MMA, but Burr is an all-around sports guy like the one you grew up with. He gets genuinely upset sometimes about how football, baseball, basketball, and other sports are going. This is blue-collar comedy at its finest.

2. Bill rambles about Hurricane Irene, goats, and hotel security 8-29-11.

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Bill’s stories are what ultimately made him a legend. He’s happy to talk about all the crazy things going on in his life. This podcast gives him an opportunity to talk without having to worry about it being a “stand up classic” like everything on stage for Netflix. Listen to this episode to find out what makes Bill Burr’s podcast so good.

1. Bill rambles about user friendly slacks, silver bells, and Patrick Swayze 12-22-16.

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The all-time best clip from Burr’s MMP so far is this silver bells story. “Do you know how many hookers have laid on a hotel floor and the last thing they saw was a bloody gold toed sock? So bad during the holiday season. Silverbells.” If you don’t want to whittle by the end of this episode, we can’t be friends.


Dr. Brian Penny is a former Business Analyst and Operations Manager at Bank of America turned whistleblower, troll, and freelance writer. You can find his work in Cracked, High Times, HuffPost, Lifewire, Forbes, Fast Company, and dozens of other places, although much of it is no longer under his name. Dr. Penny loves annoying fake media.

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