Disney Brings Artemis Fowl to a Live-Action Movie Adaptation This acclaimed book series is finally getting the live-action attention it deserves...is it any good?

Artemis Fowl is a young adult (YA) sci-fi thriller series that’s been stuck in predevelopment for years. It’s finally coming our way via Disney+, and it’s testing a lot of waters for the house of Mickey Mouse. This big-budgest summer blockbuster is opening on the digital platform, much like many top-tier, big-budget Netflix films.

Can this movie solidify Disney’s streaming hold?

Check out some interviews with the cast, crew, and author to learn more about how Artemis Fowl is. Let’s start with the book series author Eoin Colfer.

Supervising Art Director Dominic Masters speaks on the film’s visual style and direction.

Actor Ferdia Shaw discusses playing the titular role of Artemis Fowl.

Jim Clay talks about the production design he created for the movie.

Actress Judi Dench speaks on her role of Commander Root.

Actor Josh Gad talks about his role as Mulch Diggums.

Producer Judy Hofflund explains why Artemis Fowl took so long in prepreduction before finally being released direct-to-streaming on Disney+ instead of in theaters during the COVID-19 crisis.

Acclaimed actor and director Kenneth Branagh speaks on the process of directing Artemis Fowl during his interview.






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