Streaming Video Service Flixster Shutting Down in February 2018

Flixster has been emailing customers all week letting them know the service is shutting down.

This comes after the service stopped allowing U.S. customers to redeem digital codes and halted streaming back in August 2017. Flixster was acquired by Fandango in 2016. Fandango itself is owned by NBCUniversal/Warner Bros.

When asked about the shutdown, Flixster advised it’s due to the loss of a critical vendor. It refers customers to Walmart-owned Vudu and Disney-owned MoviesAnywhere, which all support Ultraviolet.

This means movies you downloaded on one service can easily be transferred to the others, and it’s highly recommended you do so, as you never know which service will work on what devices or will still be around in a decade.

The move is timed pretty close to Disney’s acquisition of Fox. Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix are all pushing to own digital video streaming too. The competition is stiff, and we’ll have to wait and see if more information comes out as to why the service shuttered.

Be sure to log in to your Flixster account and transfer your existing library out before it closes for good in February.

Here’s the full email:

December 27, 2017


Dear Flixster Video U.S. Customer:

As you may already know, Flixster Video no longer supports redemption of digital codes or playback of videos in the U.S. We now must notify you that Flixster Video will be shutting down its website and discontinuing all related operations in the U.S. effective February 20, 2018.

You will still be able to watch videos in your collection and redeem your digital codes through Vudu. If you have not done so already, we encourage you to sign up or log in to your account at Vudu and to link your UltraViolet library to your Vudu account.

And now, you can also link your Vudu account to Movies Anywhere, a new service that brings together your movie library from Vudu and other major digital retailers – such as iTunes, Amazon Video and Google Play – in one place so that you can watch your movies when and where you want. Television shows and some movies are not currently available in Movies Anywhere, but you will still be able to watch any of those titles in your collection on Vudu.

For further details and to get started on linking your Vudu account to your UltraViolet library and to Movies Anywhere, please click on the button below:

Go to Flixster Video for more information
Thank you,

The Flixster Video Team


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