Top 10 Adam Devine Movie and TV Roles of All Time Adam Devine is a comedian, actor, writer, and surprisingly good singer.

Adam Devine has a manic presence about him, where you never quite know when he’s going to blow. And blow he has so far, across movie and TV screens everywhere as the guy you love/hate and aren’t exactly sure why. There’s magic every time this scene-stealer is on screen. Check out the filmography of Adam Devine.

10. Modern Family

Adam Devine Modern Family

Character: Andy


9. Game Over, Man!

Game Over Man

Character: Alexxx


8. When We First Met

Adam Devine When We First Met

Character: Noah


7. The Intern

Adam Devine Robert Deniro The Intern

Character: Jason


6. Uncle Grandpa

Uncle Grandpa Pizza Steve

Character: Pizza Steve


5. Isn’t It Romantic

Isnt It Romantic

Character: Josh


4. The Final Girls


Character: Kurt


3. Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates


Character: Mike Stangle


2. Workaholics


Character: Adam DeMamp


1. Pitch Perfect/Pitch Perfect 2

Pitch Perfect Tenors

Character: Bumper



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