Top 10 Best Amanda Peet Movie and TV Roles of All Time Amanda Peet spent the 2000s dazzling us on big and small screens.

Amanda Peet broke into the mainstream as a hitman-obsessed dental assistant alongside Matthew Perry and Bruce Willis. Since then, she carved her own niche in Hollywood, staring in some of the smartest comedies alongside big-budget blockbusters. She’s the perfect romantic interest for a broken relationship, as she’s proven again and again. Check out this great filmography from Amanda Peet.

10. Something’s Gotta Give

Amanda Peet Somethings Gotta Give

Character: Marin


9. 2012

Amanda Peet 2012
Morgan Lily, from left, Amanda Peet and Liam James star in Columbia Pictures’ “2012.” The action film will be released November 13, 2009. (Courtesy of Columbia TriStar Marketing Group/MCT)

Character: Kate Curtis


8. Togetherness

Tina Morris Togetherness HBO Amanda Peet

Character: Tina Morris


7. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

Character: Jordan McDeere


6. Syriana

Amanda Peet Syriana

Character: Julie Woodman


5. Identity

Amanda Peet Identity

Character: Paris


4. Saving Silverman

Amanda Peet Saving Silverman

Character: Judith


3. The Whole Nine Yards/The Whole Ten Yards

Character: Jill


2. Brockmire

Brockmire Couple

Character: Jules James


1. A Lot Like Love

Amanda Peet A Lot Like Love

Character: Emily Friehl



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