Top 10 Best Anthony Hopkins Movie and TV Roles of All Time Sir Anthony Hopkins is one of Hollywood's most respected leading men

Sir Philip Anthony Hopkins CBE, is an acclaimed Welsh actor, director, and producer who has won just about every award you can think of. This includes an Academy Award, two Emmys, three BAFTAs, the Cecil B. DeMille Award, oh, and he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II. Check out these highlights from the award-winning filmography of Anthony Hopkins.

10. The Two Popes 


Character: Pope Benedict

Outgoing Pope Benedict and incoming Pope Francis find common ground for the future of the Catholic Church in this biographical Netflix film.

9. The Mask of Zorro

Anthony Hopkins Antonio Banderas Mask of Zorro

Character: Don Diego de la Vega/Zorro

Hopkins, as the original Zorro, teaches a young apprentice (Antonio Banderas) to don the mask and master the art of swordplay to win the heart of Salma Hayek.

8. Meet Joe Black

Meet Joe Black

Character: William (Bill) Parrish

Hopkins plays a billionaire media mogul at the age of 65 when death is knocking at his door in the form of Brad Pitt.

7. Hitchcock


Character: Alfred Hitchcock

Hopkins plays the acclaimed horror director in this biopic.

6. Marvel Cinematic Universe


Character: Odin

Hopkins is Odin, the father of Chris Hemsworth‘s Thor and Tom Hiddleston’s Loki in ruling Asgard until it’s destroyed (or found in our heart, or whatever).

5. Nixon

Anthony Hopkins Nixon

Character: Richard M. Nixon

Hopkins plays the beleaguered former Republican President in this 1995 political biopic.

4. The World’s Fastest Indian

Anthony Hopkins

Character: Burt Monroe

This biographical sports drama has Hopkins playing a New Zealander who breaks the world’s speed record in a modified Indian motorcycle.

3. The Elephant Man

Anthony Hopkins Elephant Man

Character: Dr. Frederick Treves

Hopkins plays the doctor who discovers the Elephant Man in a 19th century London sideshow and attempts to help him with his degenerative disease in this 1980 historical drama.

2. Westworld


Character: Dr. Robert Ford

It’s not until the second season that we learn that Jimmi Simpson is playing a young Hopkins. Spoiler alert – someone in the comments is going to correct me that it’s the end of the first season.

1. Silence of the Lambs/Hannibal/Red Dragon

Hannibal Lector

Character: Dr. Hannibal Lecter

Hopkins created a pop culture icon in this role, alongside Jodie Foster as the cannibalistic serial killer.


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