Top 10 Best Aubrey Plaza Movie and TV Roles of All Time Aubrey Plaza is a comedian and actress from the Upright Citizen's Brigade.

Aubrey Plaza is a talented comedian, actress, and producer. She’s most popularly known as April in NBC’s uber-popular Parks and Recreation TV series. She definitely made her name as a bona fide movie star though. Her unique style and personality lands her roles we can’t imagine anyone else playing. Check out the filmography of Aubrey Plaza.

10. Child’s Play


Character: Karen Barclay


9. Mystery Team

Character: Kelly


8. Life After Beth


Character: Beth Slocum


7. Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

Aubrey Plaza Anna Kendrick Mike Dave Wedding Dates

Character: Tatiana


6. Dirty Grandpa

Aubrey Plaza Dirty Grandpa

Character: Lenore


5. Safety Not Guaranteed


Character: Darius


4. Ingrid Goes West

Ingrid Goes West

Character: Ingrid Thorburn


3. The To Do List

The To Do List Aubrey Plaza

Character: Brandy Klark


2. Legion

Aubrey Plaza Legion

Character: Lenny Busker


1. Parks and Recreation

Aubrey Plaza April Parks Rec

Character: April Ludgate



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