Top 10 Best Bob Odenkirk Movie and TV Roles of All Time Bob Odenkirk is a writer, comedian, and actor who impresses critics and audiences.

Robert John Odenkirk (known as Bob) is the genius behind some of TVs most head-spinning comedy. He’s a writer, comedian, actor, producer, and director with a ton of credits under his belt. He was best known for sketch comedy in the 1990s before AMC made him one of the most iconic Hollywood lawyers in history. Check out the impressive filmography of Bob Odenkirk.

10. Girlfriend’s Day

Girlfriends Day
Girlfriends Day

Character: Ray Wentworth


9. Nebraska

(Left to right) Tim Driscoll is Bart, Bob Odenkirk is Ross Grant and Devin Ratray is Cole in NEBRASKA, from Paramount Vantage in association with FilmNation Entertainment, Blue Lake Media Fund and Echo Lake Entertainment.

Character: Ross Grant


8. Incredibles 2


Character: Winston Deavor


7. Comedy Bang! Bang!

Comedy Bang Bang

Character: Lou/God/Detective/Ofendorf/Tommy Shalders


6. Run Ronnie Run

Run Ronnie Run
RUN RONNIE RUN, Bob Odenkirk, David Cross, 2002

Character: Various


5. Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!

Bob Odenkirk Tim and Eric

Character: Various


4. The Post

Bob Odenkirk The Post

Character: Ben Bagdikian


3. Hell and Back

Hell and Back

Character: The Devil


2. Mr. Show with Bob and David/W/ Bob and David

Mr Show Bob and David

Character: Bob


1. Better Call Saul/Breaking Bad

Better Call Saul

Character: Saul Goodman/Jimmy McGill



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