Top 10 Best Chris Hemsworth Movies of All Time Chris Hemsworth is an Australian actor who brings a hunky presence on screen.

Christopher Hemsworth is an Australian actor women around the world wish they were married to. He’s a certified hunk whose manly good looks quickly grew his star. Now he’s expanding past superheroes into comedy, adventure, horror, fantasy, and more. Check out the attractive filmography of Chris Hemsworth.

10. Home and Away


Character: Kim Hyde


9. Red Dawn

Red Dawn Chris Hemsworth

Character: Jed Eckert


8. Star Trek Franchise

Character: George Kirk


7. Blackhat

Blackhat Chris Hemsworth

Character: Nick Hathaway


6. Men in Black: International

Chris Hemsworth Men in Black International

Character: Agent H


5.12 Strong

12 Strong Chris Hemsworth

Character: Captain Mitch Nelson


4. Ghostbusters


Character: Kevin


3. Bad Times at the El Royale

chrishemsworth Bad Times El Royale

Character: Billy Lee


2. Snow White and the Huntsman

Chris Hemsworth Snow White Huntsman

Character: The Huntsman/Eric


1. Marvel Cinematic Universe


Character: Thor



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