Top 10 Best Christina Applegate Movie and TV Roles of All Time Christina Applegate went from America's favorite daughter to mom.

Christina Applegate is an American actress who captured America’s hearts on one of Fox’s biggest TV sitcoms. Refusing to be typecast, she soon impressed critics and audiences in movies, television, and on stage. Check out these highlights from Christina Applegate’s filmography today.

10. Alvin and the Chipmunks Series

Chipmunks Chipettes Squeakuel

Character: Brittany

Applegate leads the Chippettes, a rival/love interest group for Alvin’s Chipmunks.

9. The Sweetest Thing

THE SWEETEST THING, Selma Blair, Christina Applegate, Cameron Diaz, 2002 (c) Columbia/courtesy Evere
THE SWEETEST THING, Selma Blair, Christina Applegate, Cameron Diaz, 2002 (c) Columbia/courtesy Everett Collection.

Character: Courtney Rockcliffe

This romantic comedy is slightly above average, thanks to a likable cast.

8. Hall Pass


Character: Grace

Hall Pass is an ensemble comedy about cheating when it’s not cheating.

7. Vacation


Character: Debbie Griswold

The National Lampoon’s Vacation reboot needed a great cast to hold up to the originals. Applegate and Ed Helms certainly deliver.

6. Samantha Who?

Samantha Who Christina Applegate

Character: Samantha 

This underrated TV show has a lot to offer, even today. A woman gets amnesia and rebuilds her life from scratch as much less of a self-absorbed narcissist.

5. Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy/Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

Anchorman Veronica Corningstone

Character: Veronica Corningstone

Applegate shines as the rival/love interest for Will Ferrell‘s Ron Burgundy. She stands her ground against misogyny and masochism in a way that makes us eternally proud.

4. Bad Moms/A Bad Moms Christmas

Christina Applegate stars in BAD MOMS. ©STX Productions.

Character: Gwendolyn

This hilarious movie series features Applegate in a great role.

3. Dead to Me


Character: Jen Harding

Applegate’s Netflix show is a dark comedy that gives her something new to work with. This meaty character has to be fun to play.

2. Married…With Children

Kelly Bundy Married with Children

Character: Kelly Bundy

Fox’s raunchy sitcom was an instant hit that lasted for years. Applegate’s rebellious teenage daughter always took things up a notch, and it’s no wonder she was able to parlay this role into a sustainable career.

1. Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead


Character: Swell

This iconic 90s movie still holds up today, thanks to lovable characters and a stellar performance by Applegate.


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