Top 10 Best Claire Danes Movie and TV Roles of All Time Claire Danes made angst trendy for teens and adults alike.

Claire Catherine Daines is one of the most influential American actresses of our time. She wowed 80s and 90s babies during MTV’s heyday with one of the most important coming-of-age series of its era. And from then on, she kept popping up with strong performances throughout the years. Check out these highlights from the storied career of Claire Daines.

10. Little Women

Little Women Claire Danes

Character: Beth March


9. Les Miserables

Claire Danes Les Miserables

Character: Cosette


8. Brokedown Palace

Claire Danes Brokedown Palace

Character: Alice Marano


7. A Kid Like Jake


Character: Alex Wheeler


6. Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

Claire Danes Terminator 3

Character: Kate Brewster


5. The Hours

Claire Danes The Hours

Character: Julia Vaughan


4. Romeo + Juliet


Character: Juliet Capulet

Danes’s Juliet the love interest of Leonardo DiCaprio‘s Romeo Montague, a member of a rival family. When the gang warfare gets to be too much, she leaves her family to side with Romeo in Shakespeare’s great tragedy.

3. My So-Called Life

My So Called Life Claire Danes

Character: Angela Chase


2. Homeland

Claire Danes Homeland Season 7
Claire Danes as Carrie Mathison in HOMELAND (Season 7, Episode 03, “Standoff”). – Photo: Antony Platt/SHOWTIME – Photo ID: HOMELAND_703_1414.R

Character: Carrie Mathison


1. Stardust


Character: Yvaine



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