Top 10 Best Dan Aykroyd Movie and TV Roles of All Time Dan Aykroyd is an underrated actor, comedian, musician, and more.

Daniel Edward Aykroyd is an entertainment genius who helped originate SNL, Ghostbusters, and a slew of other properties. He’s not just a comedian either – he’s an accomplished actor, musician, writer, director, and much more. This man is a Hollywood treasure who brings something new to every role he encompasses. Check out these highlights from the talented filmography of Dan Aykroyd.

10. Dragnet

Dragnet Dan Aykroyd

This 1987 reboot has Aykroyd teaming with Tom Hanks as a pair of cops investigating a string of ritualistic murders. It’s a very dark subject for a very lighthearted movie.

9. Celtic Pride

Celtic Pride

Two Boston Celtics fans kidnap the Lakers star player in hopes of winning a basketball game. You have to wonder how many times this has happened (or come close) in real life.

8. The Great Outdoors

Dan Aykroyd the Great Outdoors

John Candy and Aykroyd are stuck in a house together with their families trying to enjoy a vacation. The two don’t get along because one is obnoxious and the other is stuffy.

7. Spies Like Us

Dan Aykroyd Spies Like Us

Two spies (Aykroyd and Chevy Chase) are sent to the Middle East because of their CIA entrance exam scores. Turns out they’re decoys in a dangerous game with Russian and American nuclear weapons.

6. My Fellow Americans

Dan Aykroyd My Fellow Americans

Aykroyd plays a corrupt President who’s trying to get rid of the two ex-Presidents teamed up against him. This is probably a true story by now, so good to watch and bone up as Trump’s impeachment drags on.

5. Sneakers


Aykroyd joins Robert Redford in a security consultation firm responsible for some high-tech hacking. This aged a lot better than the movie Hackers.

4. Trading Places

Dan Aykroyd Blackface

Aykroyd partnered with Eddie Murphy in one of the funniest movies of the 1980s. The story of two men whose lives are switched for a $1 bet among billionaires is still relevant today.

3. Saturday Night Live

Dan Aykroyd SNL

Dan Aykroyd is one of the original SNL cast members, and he’s responsible for some of its most iconic moments and memorable characters. Even Coneheads is still a watchable skit and movie these days.

2. The Blues Brothers

Blues Brothers

Aykroyd and John Belushi team up as a pair of blues musicians just trying to make music while surrounded by chaos. Great musical comedy.

1. Ghostbusters

Ghostbusters 1

Dan Aykroyd didn’t just star in Ghostbusters – it was his idea, so thank him every time you think about that song or any of the movies. Also, the reboot wasn’t that bad. I enjoyed it.


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