Top 10 Best Evan Rachel Wood Movie and TV Roles of All Time Evan Rachel Wood always had an eye for the eclectic, and it honed her craft.

Evan Rachel Wood is an american model, musician, and actress who has been on screen in leading roles since she was 11. Thankfully, she dodged the child actor curse, even though she got engaged to Marilyn Manson. Check out the imaginative filmography of Evan Rachel Wood.

10. Practical Magic

Evan Rachel Woods Practical Magic

Character: Kylie

Wood was just a kid when she starred alongside Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman in this tale about witches.

9. Down in the Valley

Evan Rachel Wood Down in the Valley

Character: Tobe


8. The Wrestler

Evan Rachel Wood The Wrestler

Character: Stephanie


7. Battle for Terra

Evan Rachel Woods Battle for Terra

Character: Mala


6. True Blood

Evan Rachel Wood True Blood

Character: Queen Sophie-Anne

Before Westworld, Wood was stunning as the villainous Queen Sophie-Anne in HBO’s vampire drama.

5. Running with Scissors

Evan Rachel Wood Running with Scissors

Character: Natalie Finch


4. Whatever Works

Evan Rachel Wood Whatever Works

Character: Melody Celestine


3. Thirteen


Character: Tracy Freeland

Wood’s breakout role came in this critically acclaimed drama.

2. Across the Universe

Evan Rachel Wood Across the Univers

Character: Lucy Carrigan

A reimagining of The Beatles’ greatest hits. This stunning musical features wood as Lucy, the anti-war protester whose fiance is killed in Vietnam.

1. Westworld


Character: Dolores Abernathy

This HBO series based on Michael Crichton’s book turns Jurassic Park into a western-themed world filled with androids. Like the dinosaurs, they soon become aware and start killing humans.


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