Top 10 Best Goldie Hawn Movies of All Time Goldie Hawn comes from a different era of Hollywood, and she's a classic

Goldie Hawn has been entertaining movie audiences since the 1960s, and she still has die-hard fans to this day. Her marriage to Kurt Russell is a classic Hollywood fairy tale, and even her daughter Kate Hudson has a following. Check out the filmography of this Hollywood darling.

10. Snatched

Goldie Hawn Snatched

Character: Linda Middleton

Perennial joke thief Amy Schumer hoped Hawn’s presence would make audiences love her as much as Hawn’s actual children. This 2017 action comedy isn’t the greatest movie by anyone’s measure, but at least we get to see Hawn doing what she does best – carrying her costars and stealing scenes.

9. Town & Country

Goldie Hawn Town and Country

Character: Mona

Hawn’s career stretched into the new millennium with this 2001 romcom featuring an ensemble cast. She stars with Warren Beatty, Diane Keaton, Garry Shandling, and Charlton Heston and is actually considered one of the biggest box office flops of all time, losing nearly 90 percent of its budget. It’s actually a great movie that maybe just didn’t come out at the right time. Beats Ishtar or Glitter by a mile.

8. Swing Shift

Swing Shift

Character: Kay Walsh

Hawn and Russell join Belinda Carlisle, Holly Hunter, Ed Harris, and Fred Ward in this 1984 movie about a woman who meets another man while her husband fights in WWII. It’s the second of three movies they starred in together in the 1980s, and in my humble opinion, the best.

7. There’s a Girl in My Soup

Goldie Hawn Peter Sellers

Character: Marion

This 1970 British romcom has Hawn parrying the advances of older womanizer Peter Sellers. It’s interesting to watch these types of “romantic” setups decades later in a post-#MeToo society where Louis C.K.’s similar movie was forever shelved.

6. The Out-of-Towners

Steve Martin Goldie Hawn Out of Towners

Character: Nancy Clark

Of all Hawn’s collaborators, Steve Martin is second only to Russell for his on-screen chemistry with her. This 1999 remake of a Neil Simon movie rekindled our romance with Hawn in movies.

5. Wildcats

Goldie Hawn Wildcats

Character: Molly

This 1986 sports comedy stars Hawn as Molly McGrath, the daughter of a famed (and dying) football coach. She leaves her job to carry on her fathers legacy by coaching an inner-city Chicago team. It’s not easy, but she manages to rally the troops behind her by showing she has the kinda grit and tenacity she expects from them.

4. Cactus Flower

Goldie Hawn Cactus Flower

Character: Toni Simmons

Hawn’s breakout role came opposite Walter Matthau, Ingrid Bergman, and Rick Lenz in a story adapted from a Broadway play itself adapted from a French play. It’s even the 1969 romantic comedy that inspired Adam Sandler‘s Just Go With It, so you’ll be easily familiar with the plot of a philandering dentist who pretends to be married to sleep with younger women. It’s easy to see how she became a star off this role.

3. Death Becomes Her


Character: Helen Sharp

This 1992 comedy fantasy is a cult classic for a reason – Hawn joins Meryl Streep and Bruce Willis as three sometimes friends stuck in an eternal love triangle. And eternal is a lot more literal when you’ve taken the magic potions these women have. They can’t be killed, regardless of how much they mangle and deform each other.

2. Seems Like Old Times

Chevy Chase Goldie Hawn Seems Like Old Times

Character: Glenda Parks

This 1980 Neil Simon comedy stars Hawn as the ex wife of Nick Gardenia (Chevy Chase), an author who’s forced to rob a bank at gunpoint. The only person he can trust is his ex, who’s now married to Ira Parks (Charles Grodin), the L.A. County district attorney.

1. Private Benjamin

Private Benjamin

Character: Judy Benjamin

A sheltered woman in her late 20s joins the army after her husband dies on their wedding night during sex. She gets the hardest training and jobs they can give her, and she ends up in love triangles, attempted sexual assaults, and learning she can stand on her own. It’s a fantastic comedy right now and especially brilliant for 1980.


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