Top 10 Best Ice Cube Movies of All Time O'Shea Jackson is an American icon from gangster rap to Hollywood star.

O’Shea Jackson is better known as Ice Cube because of his legendary role as a gangsta rapper in N.W.A. He since proved himself as a talented actor, portraying his signature badass persona on-screen in a variety of roles. He’s so good that kids today only know him as a family-friendly actor instead of the brutal thug he was known as in the 20th century. Check out these highlights from the brilliant filmography of Ice Cube.

10. Anaconda

Ice Cube Anaconda

Character: Danny Rich

It’s a horror D-movie, but it’s highly watchable, especially with Ice Cube and Jennifer Lopez starring in the movie.

9. All About the Benjamins

Character: Bucum

This forgotten movie was highly entertaining for its time.

8. Three Kings

Three Kings Ice Cube Mark Wahlberg George Clooney

Character: Chief Elgin

Teaming Ice Cube with Mark Wahlberg and George Clooney makes for a highly watchable war movie set in the middle east during Operation Desert Storm.

7. XXX Series

Ice Cube XXX

Character: Darius Stone

Who but Ice Cube can stand next to Vin Diesel and still look intimidating?

6. Ride Along Series

Ride Along 2
This photo provided by Universal Pictures shows, Ice Cube, left, as James Payton and Kevin Hart as Ben Barber in a scene from the film, “Ride Along 2.” The movie opens in U.S. theaters on Jan. 15, 2016. (Quantrell D. Colbert/Universal Pictures via AP)

Character: James Payton

Ice Cube and Kevin Hart shine in this buddy cop movie. Cube is the bad cop (because he’s an actual cop) and Hart is just the bumbling idiot. It works.

5. Fist Fight

Fist Fight Ice Cube Charlie Day

Character: Strickland

Bullying happens outside of school, but it’s especially prevalent in school. Ice Cube and Charlie Day show it even happens to teachers.

4. 21 Jump Street Franchise

Ice Cube 21 Jump Street

Character: Captain Dickson

Ice Cube’s tough-guy personality works great as the head of an undercover squad of police officers trying to keep our schools safe.

3. Are We There Yet? Franchise

Ice Cube Are We There Yet

Character: Nick Persons/Terrence Kingston

Ice Cube as a father is a responsible guy who takes a lot of shit from his wife and kids.

2. Barbershop Franchise

Ice Cube Barbershop

Character: Calvin Palmer

Ice Cube is a dreamer, but he still has loyalty to the barbershop he built in his neighborhood. Thankfully, his neighbors mostly agree.

1. Friday Series

FRIDAY, Ice Cube, Chris Tucker, 1995
FRIDAY, Ice Cube, Chris Tucker, 1995

Character: Craig

Friday is the movie that made Ice Cube and Chris Tucker household names. Cube leveraged this success to create his career, and it’s still a classic to this day.


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