Top 10 Best James McAvoy Movies of All Time James McAvoy is one of Scotland's most inspiring exports

James McAvoy is a Scottish actor increasingly known for playing deeply complicated characters. Most notable is how he manages to pull off the weak, invalid Professor X while simultaneous portraying the monstrous Beast personality of The Horde. If you don’t understand those references, watch these highlights from the impressive filmography of James McAvoy.

10. Atonement

Atonement Robbie Turner

Character: Robbie Turner

Two lovers are separated by a lie, and the woman who’s responsible never gets over the grief. It’s a tale with a sad twist that’ll leave you in tears.

9. Filth

James McAvoy Filth

Character: Bruce Robertson

Detective Sergeant Robertson is a drug-addicted bully whose schemes can never be trusted. And it’s only getting worse as he investigates the murder of a Japanese Exchange student.

8. The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby

Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby

Character: Conor Ludlow

A couple’s relationship ends when their son dies. The woman can’t get over it and the negativity kills everything.

7. Arthur Christmas


Character: Arthur

Santa Claus never misses a delivery, thanks to his high-tech operation in the North Pole. Except when he finally does miss one, it’s up to his youngest son Arthur to save the day.

6. Wanted


Character: Wesley

McAvoy teams with Morgan Freeman, Angelina Jolie, and Common in this action movie. It should’ve become a full-on franchise, but money always gets in the way, leaving the project in development hell.

5. Trance


Character: Simon

This 2013 British psychological thriller was directed by Danny Boyle and shows the depth of McAvoy’s range.

4. The Last King of Scotland



Feared Ugandan dictator Ida Amin brings a Scottish doctor to become his personal physician.

3. Atomic Blonde

James McAvoy Atomic Blonde

Character: David Percival

Spies in Berlin in 1989 are clamoring for a list of secret agents being smuggled into West Berlin during the fall of the Berlin Wall.

2. X-Men Franchise

James McAvoy Professor X

Character: Professor Charles Xavier

This reboot of the X-Men is infinitely better than the crap that came before it, but it eventually jumped the shark too. Hopefully we’ll get a great X universe with Disney’s acquisition of Fox.

1. Split/Glass

The Horde

Character: The Horde/The Beast/Hedwig/Patricia/Dennis

Kevin Wendell Crumb is known as The Horde to the outside world, but his multiple personalities (there are 23) call him The Beast. He’s a tense and terrifying man who unlocks the peak of human potential.


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