Top 10 Best Jason Mantzoukas Movie and TV Roles of All Time The only thing predictable about Jason Mantzoukas is his unpredictibility.

Jason Mantzoukas has a characteristic unstable personality that makes him stick out in every cameo. His star continues to rise, but it’s unclear so far whether he can carry his own movie without a strong ensemble beside him. For now, he’s the clutch comedian every project needs to add that unpredictable, sometimes scumbag, wild-card element. Check out these filmography highlights from Jason Mantzoukas.

10. Enlightened

Jason Mantzoukas Enlightened

Character: Omar Ali


9. How to Be Single

Jasson Mantzoukas How to Be Single

Character: George


8. The Long Dumb Road

Jason Mantzoukas Long Dumb Road

Character: Richard


7. The Good Place

The Good Place Jason Mantzoukas

Character: Derek Hofstetler


6. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

brooklyn-nine-nine-Jason Mantzoukas

Character: Adrian Pimento


5. The Dictator

Jason Mantzoukas The Dictator

Character: Nadal


4. Big Mouth

Jason Mantzoukas Big Mouth

Character: Jay Bilzerian/Guy Bilzerian


3. I’m Sorry

Im Sorry Jason Mantzoukas

Character: Kyle


2. The House

Amy Poehler Will Ferrell Jason Mantzoukas The House

Character: Frank


1. The League

Rafi on Toilet The League

Character: Rafi



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