Top 10 Best John Cho Movie and TV Roles of All Time John Cho is legendary among pothead circles, but his filmography is expansive.

John Cho is a Korean American actor, writer, and producer who started in a legendary pothead comedy that’s still remembered to this day. But that’s not where he stopped – like Cheech and Chong before him, Cho expanded his portfolio throughout Hollywood and beyond. Check out the impressive filmography of John Cho.

10. The Oath

Character: Peter

This movie is honestly pretty awful, but Cho provides a little calm in the insanity.

9. The Exorcist

THE EXORCIST: John Cho in the “Janus” season premiere episode of THE EXORCIST airing Friday, Sept. 29 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Sergei Bachlakov/FOX

Character: Andrew Kim


8. Gemini


Character: Detective Edward Ahn


7. Selfie

SELFIE – “A Little Yelp From My Friends” – Henry and Eliza discover that their most valuable office relationship might be their own after Saperstein mandates his employees to work on their interpersonal connectivity, on “Selfie,” TUESDAY, OCTOBER 14 (8:00-8:30 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/John Fleenor)

Character: Henry Higgs


6. Kitchen Confidential

Character: Teddy Wong/Teddy Wu


5. American Pie

John Cho American Pie MILF

Character: ‘MILF’ Guy #2

Bet you forget John Cho helped coin the phrase MILF all the way back in 1999.

4. Go On

Character: Steven


3. Searching


Character: David Kim


2. Star Trek Franchise

hr_Star_Trek_Into_Darkness_31 Sulu John Cho

Character: Sulu


1. Harold & Kumar Series

Harold and Kumar Guantanamo Bay

Character: Harold Lee


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