Top 10 Best Jon Favreau Movies of All Time Jon Favreau is a talented writer, director, and actor responsible for legendary movies.

Jon Favreau rose from indie filmmaker to director of one of the hottest blockbuster franchises in the world. He’s a visible presence in Hollywood, with frequent partners like Vince Vaughn, and his movies are always a delight to watch. Whether you love comedy, action, or anything in between, check out these highlights from the filmography of Jon Favreau.

10. PCU

Character: Gutter


9. The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book Jon Favreau

Character: Director/Pygmy Hog


8. Friends

Jon Favreau Lisa Kudrow Friends

Character: Pete Becker


7. Dogtown

Character: Ezra Good


6. The Break-Up

Jon Favreau The Break Up

Character: Johnny O


5. Chef

Jon Favreau Chef

Character: Director/Carl Casper


4. Swingers


Character: Mike


3. Elf

Elf Doctor

Character: Director/Doctor


2. Made

Character: Director/Bobby


1. Iron Man Series

Happy Hogan Iron Man

Character: Director/Happy Hogan


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