Top 10 Best Judy Greer Movie and TV Roles of All Time Judy Greer has a hilarious filmography you won't consider a huge mistake watching.

Judith Therese Evans (or as you know her, Judy Greer) is a talented actress, director, and author. She’s well-known to fans of TV comedy, playing a wide range of characters like Fatty Magoo on It’s Always Sunny and a ton of cartoons and other shows. This Detroit, Michigan native is a delight to watch in any project she chooses, so check out these highlights from Judy Greer’s filmography.

10. Ant-Man/Ant-Man and the Wasp

Judy Greer Maggie Ant Man

Character: Maggie

Greer’s contribution to the Marvel Cinematic Universe comes in the form of Maggie, Scott Lang’s (Paul Rudd) estranged wife. While she’s stern in the beginning, she and her husband (Bobby Cannavale) eventually lighten up on Lang and allow him to see his daughter, despite his side gig as one of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

9. I’m Sorry

Im Sorry Judy Greer

Character: Maureen

Andrea Savage created and stars in this hilarious sitcom about modern parenting. It’s edgy and biting while still maintaining family values, a rarity in TV comedy. Greer only has a recurring guest role, but her dry humor fits perfectly as one of Andrea’s disillusioned suburban soccer mom friends.

8. Married

married-nat-faxon-fx-comedy Judy Greer

Character: Lina Bowman

While it only lasted two seasons from 2014-2015, Married is a must-see show about what two best friends (played by Greer and Nat Faxon) will do to keep a marriage working. They’re constantly fighting, but their friendship is what ultimately makes this an endearing series, much like Andrea’s with Tom Everett Scott in I’m Sorry above.

7. What Women Want

Judy Greer What Women Want

Character: Erin the File Girl

This 2000 romantic comedy starring Mel Gibson was later remade in 2019 by Taraji P. Henson, flipping both race and sex. Greer’s role is very small as a lowly, suicidal file girl at Gibson’s ad agency. But it’s also a pivotal role to the plot, where he finally shows a little compassion by using his powers to try and save her.

6. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes/War of the Planet of the Apes


Character: Cornelia

Greer takes over as ape leader Caesar’s (Andy Serkis) wife Cornelius in the second and third movies of this trilogy. The series is a reboot of the the 1960s/70s franchise updated for the modern age, and it’s often hailed as a great achievement in cinematic animation. Serkis was especially acclaimed for his monkey, but they are all fascinating to watch.

5. Arrested Development

1x18_Missing_Kitty Sanchez Arrested Development

Character: Kitty Sanchez

Greer’s turn as Kitty, a loyal secretary to the Bluths who constantly ends up sleeping with them, made her a cult icon among TV nerds. To this day, it’s likely the role she’s recognized for most often, and that’s not a huge mistake. Her character is but one of many in this cult classic comedy that broke all the rules and reinvented the sitcom multiple times.

4. 13 Going on 30

13 GOING ON 30, Judy Greer, Jennifer Garner, 2004, (c) Columbia/courtesy Everett Collection
13 GOING ON 30, Judy Greer, Jennifer Garner, 2004, (c) Columbia/courtesy Everett Collection

Character: Lucy “Tom-Tom” Wyman

Greer plays Jenna Rink’s (Jennifer Garner) best friend Lucy in this fantasy romantic comedy that reimagines the movie Big for younger audiences. As you can probably guess from the title, a 13-year-old turns 30, and she maintains her youthful innocence. This makes for hilariously awkward situations.

3. Kidding


Character: Jill Piccirillo

Once again playing the ex-wife, this time Greer is a nurse and estranged from Jim Carrey’s Jeff Pickles, a celebrated PBS children’s TV host. His life is in shambles, having had a breakdown following his son Patrick’s death. It’s a deep and meaty character that has to be a dream for Greer, especially working with a comedy legend and on Showtime. It doesn’t get much better.

2. Visioneers

Judy Greer Visioneers

Character: Michelle

This 2008 satirical dark comedy is far from the most high-profile of Greer’s career. She stars alongside always-strange Zach Galifianakis as workers at the Jeffers Corporation, “the largest, friendliest, and most profitable business in the history of Mankind.” The dystopian future only gets more bleak and weird as it goes along, predating Black Mirror by a decade.

1. Archer

Archer Cheryl Tunt

Character: Cheryl/Carol Tunt/Charlotte/Charlene/Framboise/Ruth Anne Litzenberger

This FX series lost most of its steam when ISIS became a legitimate terrorist threat and the team decided to continue making each series a stretched-out theme episode. This gimmick quickly ruined what was shaping up in the first four-five seasons to be the best animated series ever. Still – Greer’s voice work as lunatic, wealthy receptionist Cheryl Tunt will easily outlive all of us.


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