Top 10 Best Kate McKinnon Movie and TV Roles of All Time Kate McKinnon is a hilarious comedian with a surreal edge that makes her stick out.

Kathryn McKinnon Berthold is an actress and comedienne who brings a new level of strange to every role she inhabits. She’s a talented character actor responsible for iconic SNL impressions, and she steals scenes in every role she takes. Check out these highlights from the hilarious filmography of Kate McKinnon.

10. The Magic School Bus Rides Again

Magic School Bus Rides Again Netflix

Character: Ms. Fiona Frizzle


9. Rough Night

Rough Night

Character: Kiwi/Pippa


8. Ferdinand

Lupe Ferdinand

Character: Lupe


7. Masterminds

Masterminds Kate Mckinnon Zach Galifiniakis

Character: Jandice


6. The Venture Bros.


Character: Redusa, Warriana, Nikki Fictel, etc.


5. Office Christmas Party

Kate McKinnon Office Christmas Party Ugly Sweater

Character: Mary


4. The Spy Who Dumped Me

Spy Who Dumped Me

Character: Morgan


3. Balls Out


Character: Vicky


2. Saturday Night Live


Character: Kate McKinnon


1. Ghostbusters


Character: Jillian Holtzmann


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