Top 10 Best Keanu Reeves Movie and TV Roles of All Time Keanu Reeves is the most coolest human being on the planet.

Keanu Charles Reeves is a Canadian American actor and musician and multi-generational Hollywood icon. From legendary comedies to action thrillers and movies involving cutting-edge tech, he’s involved in everything. On top of his iconic performances in some of the biggest cult classics ever, he’s also an eclectic character. Check out the fascinating filmography of Keanu Reeves.

10. A Scanner Darkly

Keanu Reeves A Scanner Darkly

Character: Bob Arctor

The animation layer used in this film is basically an Instragram filter. But it was cutting edge (read: expensive) technology when the movie was made. Then you watch it, and it’s about a meth house, nothing like you’d expected going in.

9. Johnny Mnemonic

Johnny Mnemonic Keanu Reeves

Character: Johnny Mnemonic

This technothriller seemed corny at the time, but it aged much better than Hackers and other attempts from the era.

8. Speed


Character: Jack Traven

Pop quiz, hot shot – Reeves, Dennis Hopper, and Sandra Bullock…what more could you ask for in a movie experience?

7. Constantine


Character: John Constantine

It’s one of the lesser known comic book movies but still a good one that fits in well with today’s tales of heaven, hell, and the afterlife.

6. Always Be My Maybe

Keanu Reeves Alway be my maybe

Character: Keanu Reeves

This Allie Wong romcom features one of the top 10 self cameo appearances in movie history. Well done, Netflix. Well done.

5. The Replacements

Keanu Reeves The Replacements

Character: Shane Falco

If you know a man between the age of 35 and 50, odds are this movie is on their list of favorites (football films, anyway).

4. Point Break


Character: Johnny Utah

The original Fast and Furious movie was about a gang of surfers wearing presidential masks to rob banks.

3. The Matrix Franchise


Character: Neo

If you’ve never heard of The Matrix, what are you doing on the Internet? Long story short, it revolutionized filmmaking and created tropes like bullet time. It’s still watched, studied, and beloved to this day.

2. John Wick

John Wick Keanu Reeves

Character: John Wick

Yet another classic franchise featuring Keanu looking as young as ever. Whatever fountain of youth he discovered, I think we can all kinda want to transfuse his blood into our bodies, right? Or is that weird, because if it is, forget I said anything.

1. Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure/Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey


Character: Ted “Theodore” Logan

If you don’t know, now you know that the Wyld Stallyns are the greatest band in history. They even go back through history to prove it in a phone booth. It’s such a great Doctor Who parody and dark horse Back to the Future. Easily the best time travel movie ever, and a retro classic that withstood the test of time.


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