Top 10 Best Luke Wilson Movies of All Time Luke is the youngest Wilson brother, but not the least famous.

Luke Cunningham Wilson is an American actor and the little brother of Owen Wilson. Like Owen, he’s known for playing the lovable goofy character in quirky movies, mostly comedy. Still, he managed to establish a name for himself. Check out these highlights from the endearing filmography of Luke Wilson.

10. Rushmore

Character: Dr. Peter Flynn

Another Wes Anderson film with the Wilson brothers. This one came out before they were finally able to forge their own paths in the 21st century.

9. Best Men

Best Men Robbery

Character: Jesse Reilly

Detective Sergeant Robertson is a drug-addicted bully whose schemes can never be trusted. And it’s only getting worse as he investigates the murder of a Japanese Exchange student.

8. Middle Men

Middle Men

Character: Jack Harris

Jack Harris is a businessman who gets involved in the early online porn industry. It’s the business that basically pioneered online credit card payments and the software-as-a-service (SaaS) business we know today.

7. The Royal Tenenbaums

Royal Tenenbaums

Character: Richie Tenenbaum

Royal and Ethaline Tenenbaum had three genius children who take paths of self-destruction, failure, and disaster. When they finally reunite, it’s a story for the ages.

6. The Ridiculous 6

Luke Wilson Ridiculous 6

Character: Danny

Netflix and Adam Sandler seem forever partnered to make goofy movies. This western spoof is a great example.

5. Blue Streak

Martin Lawrence Luke Wilson Blue Streak

Character: Detective Carlson

Martin Lawrence teams with Wilson in this buddy cop movie. Except one of those cops is actually a jewel thief trying to recover a massive diamond he hid in the vents of what’s now a police station.

4. Bottle Rocket


Character: Anthony Adams

Another great film showing Arizona as filled with insane people, Bottle Rocket is the debut of the Wilson brothers and Wes Anderson .

3. Legally Blonde


Character: Emmett Richmond

Elle woods is a fashion merchandising student who made it into Harvard to impress her ex. She fails to impress much of anyone, sans Emmett Richmond, the junior partner of esteemed professor Callahan.

2. Old School

Character: Mitch Martin

Mitch’s marriage is on the rocks after coming home early to find his wife involved in an orgy. After buying a frat house, he starts a fraternity with Will Ferrell and Vince Vaughn. Needless to say, things get crazy.

1. Idiocracy


Character: Corporal Joe Bauers

Joe Bauers is the most average of American soldiers. Nothing is unique about him, which is why he was chosen to be cryogenically frozen. The world he wakes up into is a much dumber one, and he’s now suddenly the smartest man in the world.


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