Top 10 Best Maya Rudolph Movie and TV Roles of All Time Maya Rudolph is an SNL alum with vocal and acting chops to match.

Maya Rudolph is a singer, voice actress, comedian, and actress who started in a rock band before joining Saturday Night Live as the only woman who could play the vast majority of prominent women of the era, as she was the only one who wasn’t white. She soon became a breakout star and appeared in other hilarious roles across TV and movies. Check out these highlights from Maya Rudolph’s filmography.

10. MacGruber

Maya Rudolph MacGruber

Character: Casey


9. Up All Night

Maya Rudolph Up All Night

Character: Ava Alexander


8. The Way Way Back

The Way Way back

Character: Caitlin


7. Mr. Pig

Mr Pig Movie

Character: Eunice


6. The Good Place

Maya Rudolph The Good Place Judge

Character: Judge


5. Grown Ups/Grown Ups 2

Maya Rudolph Selma Hayek Grown Ups

Character: Deanne McKenzie


4. Bridesmaids

Maya Rudolph Bridesmaids

Character: Lillian


3. Big Hero 6


Character: Aunt Cass


2. Saturday Night Live

SNL maya Rudolph

Character: Herself


1. Idiocracy


Character: Rita



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