Top 10 Best Rob Lowe Roles of All Time Rob Lowe's energy and charisma is unmatched on screen.

Rob Lowe is a charismatic force in Hollywood, encompassing that smooth, suave leading man throughout the decades. Once a teen heartthrob and now just a reminder that some people are born lucky with youthful good looks, this handsome actor’s filmography will keep you entertained all night.

10. Austin Powers

Rob Lowe Number Two Austin Powers

Character: Young Number Two

Mike Myers recruited Lowe to play the younger version of Dr. Evil’s right-hand man when powers travels back to the 1960s in this turn-of-the-century comedy series. He pulls it off well, with devilish good looks and an iconic eye patch that makes him a great sidekick for a group Halloween costume.

9. About Last Night

Rob Lowe Demi Moore About Last Night

Character: Danny

David Mamet’s off-Broadway play hits the big screen in 1986 as a romantic comedy set in Chicago. Demi Moore is his on-screen love interest in this tale of two yuppies navigating their first relationship after a one-night stand. The movie was remade with Kevin Hart and Regina Hall leading an all-black main cast in 2014.

8. Youngblood

Youngblood 1986

Character: Dean Youngblood

Lowe is a promising hockey prospect looking to make a name for himself in the ultra-competitive Canadian Junior Hockey circuit. Patrick Swayze, Keanu Reeves, and Cynthia Gibb round out the talented cast of this 1986 sports drama.

7. Oxford Blues

Oxford Blues Rob Lowe

Character: Nick Di Angelo

This 1984 dramedy finds Lowe playing a Las Vegas hustler who follows the woman of his dreams to Oxford, England. He joins Ally Sheedy on the Oriel College rowing team and his values are tested as he competes for glory.

6. The West Wing

West Wing Rob Lowe

Character: Sam Seaborn

Lowe plays the White House’s Deputy Communications Director in his second massive TV hit from 1999-2006. He writes most of President Bartlet’s (Martin Sheen) speeches and becomes Deputy Chief of Staff by the end of the series.

5. St. Elmo’s Fire

Rob Lowe St Elmo Fire

Character: Billy Hicks

This 1985 coming-of-age film scores a hit by teaming Lowe with Ally Sheedy, Judd Nelson, Demi Moore, Andrew McCarthy, Emilio Estevez, and Mare Winningham. It’s the preeminent movie that kicked of the Brat Pack era alongside The Breakfast Club.

4. Class

Rob Lowe Class

Character: Squire Franklin Burroughs IV

This 1983 comedy predates the Brat Pack era and pairs Lowe, McCarthy, John Cusack, Virginia Madsen, and Jacqueline Bisset in a low-brow reminder of ages past. It’s crude, rude, and everything movie comedies had to be in the 1980s.

3. Parks and Recreation

Chris traeger Parks Rec

Character: Chris Traeger

The romance between Rashida Jones and Lowe’s ultra-cheery Chris Traeger is one of the central romances in this NBC mockumentary-style sitcom. He’s largely missing from the first and last season, but those seasons in the middle are the cream of this show’s crop.

2. Wayne’s World

Waynes World Rob Lowe

Character: Benjamin Oliver

Mike Myers and Dana Carvey’s lovable losers, Wayne and Garth, are contrasted by slick-talking record producer Ben Oliver. He’s too handsome, rich, and successful to compete with throughout the majority of the movie, but somehow Cassandra (Tia Carrere) eventually sees through his facade.

1. The Outsiders


Character: Sodapop Curtis

Anyone alive in 1983 is familiar with the famous line from this Francis Ford Coppola-directed movie classic about teen angst. Ralph Macchio’s character utters it to C. Thomas Howell’s Ponyboy Curtis, “Stay golden,” something hard to do when your older brothers (played by Lowe and Patrick Swayze) are the leaders of a local low-income gang called the greasers. John Travolta musical this is not.


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