Top 10 Best Ron Howard Movies and TV Shows of All Time Ron Howard is one of Hollywood's most prominent actors, directors, and producers.

Ron Howard is the model of what we want for every famous child star. After capturing our hearts in some of the biggest TV shows in American history, he became a critically acclaimed director and producer, responsible for some of Hollywood’s most memorable films. Whether in front of the camera or behind it, these are the best Ron Howard movies and TV shows of all time.

10. The Music Man


Character: Winthrop Paroo


9. American Graffiti

Ron Howard American Graffiti

Character: Steve Bolander


8. Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto Ron Howard

Character: Sam Freeman

When given his first chance to direct and star in his own project, of course Howard made himself a cool, Steve McQueen-like anti-hero. You gotta love gingers…

7. Parenthood



6. Frost/Nixon

Frost Nixon


True story

5. Apollo 13

Apollo 13


True story that won a ton of oscars.

4. A Beautiful Mind



True story that won a ton of oscars.

3. The Andy Griffith Show

Andy Griffith Ron Howard Opie

Character: Opie Taylor

If you ever hear a generic white kid being called Opie, it’s because of this show, not Opie and Anthony.

2. Arrested Development

Ron Howard Arrested Development

Character: Narrator/Ron Howard

Because he understood television tropes so well, Howard effectively turned them all upside down in this cult-classic show. When Netflix restarted it, he even took on double duties as narrator and playing himself.

1. Happy Days

Ron Howard Happy Days

Character: Richie Cunningham



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