Top 10 Best Rose Byrne Movie and TV Roles of All Time Rose Byrne is, at this point, an iconic Hollywood A-lister from down under.

Mary Rose Byrne made a name for herself in Australian entertainment before coming to America and taking Hollywood by storm. She’s had supporting roles in major summer blockbusters, hit comedies, and more. On top of this, she’s been consistently recognized for being drop-dead gorgeous. Check out the beautiful filmography of Rose Byrne

10. Dallas Doll

Dallas Doll Rose Byrne

Character: Rastus Sommers

Her first role back in Australia.

9. 28 Weeks Later

rose-byrne 28 weeks later

Character: Scarlet

She pairs with Jeremy Renner in this zombie apocalypse movie.

8. Instant Family

Mark Wahlberg Rose Byrne

Character: Ellie

Byrne is married to Mark Wahlberg and adopts kids in this family comedy.

7. Insidious/Insidious 2

Insidious 2 Rose Byrne

Character: Renai Lambert


6. X-Men Franchise


Character: Moira Mactaggert

Byrne plays the love interest of Professor X in this franchise. While human, she’s one of the most important characters in the universe for her attachment to Charles Xavier.

5. Spy


Character: Rayna Boyanov


4. Neighbors/Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising

Rose Byrne Neighbors

Character: Kelly Radner

Ever moved in next door to crazy college kids? That’s what Byrne and Seth Rogen deal with in this series. It’s a fraternity in the original and a sorority in the sequel.

3. Get Him to the Greek

Get him to the greek

Character: Jackie Q


2. Damages

© 2008 Sony Pictures Television Inc. and Bluebush Productions, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Pitcture Shows: Ellen Parsons (Rose Byrne)

Character: Ellen Parsons


1. Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids Cast

Character: Helen



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