Top 10 Best Simon Pegg Movie and TV Roles of All Time Simon Pegg is one of the U.K.'s funniest exports, and he took Hollywood by storm.

Simon Pegg is a lovable nerd who knows how to find the humor in geeky subjects. This British actor already made a name for himself in the U.K. before Shaun of the Dead gave him a cult following stateside. He soon parlayed his knowledge of nerddom into starring roles in some of the biggest sci-fi franchises in Hollywood. Check out highlights from Simon Pegg’s filmography.

10. Hot Fuzz

Simon Pegg Hot Fuzz

Character: Nicholas Angel


9. Absolutely Anything

Simon Pegg Kate Beckinsale Absolutely Anything

Character: Neil


8. The World’s End

The Worlds End

Character: Gary King


7. How to Lost Friends & Alienate People

Lose Friends and Alienate People Simon Pegg

Character: Sidney Young


6. Star Trek/Star Trek: Into Darkness/ Star Trek Beyond

Simon Pegg Scotty Star Trek Movies

Character: Scotty


5. Paul


Character: Graeme Willy


4. Mission: Impossible III/Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol/Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation

Simon Pegg Mission Impossible

Character: Benji


3. Spaced

Simon Pegg Spaced

Character: Tim Bisley


2. Run, Fat Boy, Run

Run Fatboy Run Simon Pegg

Character: Dennis


1. Shaun of the Dead

Shaun of the Dead

Character: Shaun



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