Top 10 Best Streaming Movie Sites to Check Out in 2019 Looking for something to watch? These services have you covered...

Streaming movies is an integral part of every day life these days. But not everybody can afford to spend $1000 a month for all the Netflix, Hulu, and Prime-like movie streaming services.

If you’re not living like a king, you need free movies. Luckily, there’s no shortage of free movie streaming sites. Many of them are even legal too!

Whether you’re itching for action, drama, comedy, or something surreal you can’t find anywhere else, there’s a movie site for you. The blockchain is adding even more options as we speak, but we’ll cover those services down the road when they’ve matured enough to match these legacy platforms.

Before curling up under a blanket for a movie-watching experience, check out these top free streaming movie sites.

10. The Roku Channel

Roku Ultra 4k HDR

Pros: Live news channels, access to Hollywood movies like Gods of Egypt, Hugo, and The Da Vinci Code.
Cons: Can only be accessed via the web or a Roku device in the U.S., ads interrupt movies.
Visit The Roku Channel

9. Yidio

Pros: In addition to free movies, can search and watch movies across subscription services.
Cons: You’ll need to pay to see most new movies, ads are shown during free movies, movies are SD.
Visit Yidio

8. Putlocker

Pros: The spiritual successor to Megaupload, Putlocker was taken down by the government, but like The Pirate Bay, a hundred mirrors popped up immediately after. As of December 2018, is the best clone.
Cons: This site is illegal, so you’ll need a VPN, malware protection, and common sense to navigate safely.
Visit Putlocker

7.  Pluto TV

Pros: Free TV service with live news, 18+ dedicated movie channels, sports, comedy, and more.
Cons: Few broadcast networks, movies tend to be older, no subtitle options.
Visit Pluto TV

6. Popcornflix

Pros: Both movies and TV shows are available, can pin comments to movies, GIF maker.
Cons: Newer movies and shows aren’t available, small selection (around 2000 movies), no subtitles.
Visit Popcornflix

5. Tubi

Pros: Content available from over 200 partners, including MGM, Lionsgate, Paramount, and Starz.
Cons: Ads interrupt movies, no commenting.
Visit Tubi TV

4. Sony Crackle

Pros: Has exclusive movies and TV shows, owned by Sony, great video quality, apps available for nearly every device platform.
Cons: More ads than any other service, content skews toward action comedy for 18-35 males.
Visit Sony Crackle

3. YouTube

Pros: A lot of movies are available, free viewer content, pirated content available, content added daily.
Cons: Lack of 4K or HD content, pirated content is even worse quality, movies are constantly removed.
Visit YouTube

2. Vudu

Pros: One of the largest legal video selections online, HD and UHD available, movies you already own should qualify for Vudu digital, new movies available for rent/buy.
Cons: Ads interrupt movies, free-to-watch library is comparatively small.
Visit Vudu

1. IO Movies

Pros: Since Putlocker was taken down, IO Movies became the go-to pirate streaming site. A large selection of current movies and TV shows are available almost immediately after release.
Cons: Because this site is illegal, you’ll need a VPN and malware protection to browse safely.
Visit IO Movies

A quick note about Kodi

Many of these video streaming sites can’t be accessed on video game consoles, mobile, and smart TV platforms. The Kodi app is the best way to access this content on any device. Learn more about Kodi here and here.
While some of the sites listed above are pirate sites, Kodi is not pirate software. Kodi is 100 percent legal to use as a media-streaming tool.
If you use Kodi to access pirated content, do so through a VPN. Make sure your VPN doesn’t keep logs and passes through a country like Sweden that resists U.S. legal requests (which, thanks to Trump, more countries are apt to do these days).
Thought for Your Penny doesn’t condone any illegal activity, and the information provided above is for entertainment purposes only.


Brian Penny is a former Business Analyst and Operations Manager at Bank of America turned whistleblower, troll, and freelance writer.

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