Top 10 Best Sylvester Stallone Movies of All Time Sly Stallone is a Hollywood A-Lister who created a lane for himself in action movies.

Sly Stallone  (born Michael Sylvester Gardenzio Stallone) is a Hollywood legend, rising up to one of the biggest action movie box office draws of all time, while writing, directing, and so much more. He’s a man’s man and talented businessman whose storied career can serve as a blueprint for anyone looking to make it in any business. Check out these highlights from Sylvester Stallone’s award-winning filmography.

10. Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over


Character: Toymaker

9. Driven

Stallone Drive

Character: Joe Tanto

8. Tango & Cash

Tango Cash Stallone Russel

Character: Lt. Raymond Tango

7. Over the Top

Sylvester Stallone Over the Top
Sylvester Stallone Over the Top

Character: Lincoln Hawk

6. Get Carter

Stallone Get Carter

Character: Jack Carter

5. Judge Dredd

Stallone Judge Dredd

Character: Judge Dredd

4. The Expendables Series


Character: Barney Ross

3. Demolition Man

Stallone Judge Dredd

Character: John Spartan

2. Rambo Franchise


Character: John Rambo

1. Rocky Franchise


Character: Rocky Balboa


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