Top 10 Best Ving Rhames Movie and TV Roles of All Time Ving Rhames is a gentle giant whose roles always show character.

Irving Rhames has a strong screen presence, thanks in no small part to his muscular frame and masculine features. This Harlem native is a graduate of Juilliard School and appeared on Broadway long before we ever saw him on screen. By the new millennium, Rhames was a Hollywood A-lister whose solid performances landed him roles in big franchises.

10. Monday Mornings

Ving Rhames Monday Mornings

Character: Dr. Jorge Villanueva


9. Lilo & Stitch


Character: Cobra Bubbles


8. Con Air

Ving Rhames Con Air

Character: Diamond Dog


7. Undisputed

Ving Rhames Undisputed

Character: George “Iceman” Chambers


6. Don King: Only in America

Ving Rhames Don King

Character: Don King


5. Rosewood

Ving Rhames Don Cheadle Rosewood

Character: Mann


4. Bringing Out the Dead

Ving Rhame Bringing Out The Dead

Character: Marcus


3. Surrogates

surrogates beats Blade Runner

Character: The Prophet


2. Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction Gimp

Character: Marsellus Wallace

Marsellus Wallace doesn’t like to be fucked by anyone except Mrs. Wallace (Uma Thurman). This makes his fate a little hard to swallow for even his worst enemy (Bruce Willis) in this gritty Quentin Tarantino classic pulp noir crime drama.

1. Mission: Impossible Franchise

Ving Rhames Mission Impossible Rogue Nation

Character: Luther Stickell



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