Top 10 Bryan Cranston Roles of All Time Bryan Cranston has been entertaining audiences for years now.

Bryan Cranston is an A-List Hollywood celebrity and pop culture icon at this point. Many of his (mostly TV) characters have been memorialized throughout internet forums and fandoms.

Check out one of Bryan Cranston’s best roles across movie and TV.

10. Last Chance


Character: Lance

One of Cranston’s earliest passion projects is Last Chance, which he starred in, wrote, produced, and directed. It’s one of his favorite projects, so you’d be doing the man a favor by watching it. Also it’s actually a pretty thought-provoking movie if you’re into those types of dramas.

9. Get a Job

bryan-cranston Get a Job

Character: Roger Davis

An overlooked comedy, this is an example of Cranston’s more lighthearted roles. He, his on-screen son (Miles Teller), and his son’s girlfriend (Anna Kendrick) struggle to gain (or remain) relevant in today’s aggressive job market. It strikes a chord with Millennials and younger generations entering the workforce.

8. Trumbo

TRUMBO, Bryan Cranston, as Dalton Trumbo, 2015. ph: Hilary Bronwyn Gayle/©Samuel Goldwyn
TRUMBO, Bryan Cranston, as Dalton Trumbo, 2015. ph: Hilary Bronwyn Gayle/©Samuel Goldwyn Films/courtesy Everett Collection

Character: Dalton Trumbo

Dalton Trumbo was a successful magazine writer and Hollywood screenwriter back in 1947, but he was blacklisted for refusing to testify before the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC), and was subsequently blacklisted. This movie shows how he came back to be responsible for classic movies like Roman Holiday, Spartacus, and Exodus.

7. The Upside

the-upside-Bryan Cranston Kevin Hart

Character: Philip Lacasse

This English remake of a French classic pairs Cranston with hot comedian-of-the-moment Kevin Hart for a touching buddy dramady. Hart’s caregiver is patient and shows a more serious and deeply emotional side to the actor, while Cranston’s gruff, wealthy quadriplegic is very hard to love for the majority of the movie. And that’s what makes him so great.

6. SuperMansion

Supermansion Crackle

Character: Titanium Rex

SuperMansion is one of the most entertaining reasons to tune into Sony’s Crackle digital streaming service. This stop-motion cartoon turns The Avengers into a family dramedy, focusing on how hard life can be living together, even for superheroes. Keegan-Michael Key’s naively racist time soldier alone is worth checking the show out, but Cranston’s Titanium Rex holds his own.

5. All the Way


Character: Lyndon B. Johnson

You may not even realize this role was even Cranston, but his portrayal of Lyndon B. Johnson’s actions leading up to the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is brilliant. You think you’ve seen JFK done to death, but this perspective on that period of time is just as important to American culture.

4. Malcolm in the Middle

Malcolm in the Middle

Character: Hal Wilkerson

The first hit that propelled Cranston to the spotlight, this long-running family sitcom is funny, sweet, and has enough going on to maintain relevancy long after its been done filming. Childish Hal and his strict wife (Jane Kaczmarek) will forever be ingrained in audience’s heads as top 10 TV parents.

3. Drive


Character: Shannon

Ryan Gosling is a badass getaway driver, but his boss is even more badass. It’s not the biggest role, but when he’s there, you can see his newfound Breaking Badness break through.

2. Argo


Character: Jack O’Donnell

Cranston shines playing Jack O’Donnell, an amalgamation of real-life people involved in the Iranian hostage crisis portrayed in Ben Affleck’s Argo. He proves to the team and audiences alike that the guy who stays back home still bears a lot of the weight of missions abroad.

1. Breaking Bad

Walter White

Character: Walter White

Walter White is a high school chemistry teacher in New Mexico who finds out he got cancer and dives into the criminal underworld as a meth manufacturer. Breaking Bad is an unmissable part of pop culture, and no matter how family-friendly he is, Cranston will always by synonymous with Mr. White.


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