Top 10 Craig T. Nelson Movie and TV Roles of All Time Craig T. Nelson has an incredible career that must be seen to believe.

Craig T. Nelson is a star of stage and screen, and a household name in most of America. This is thanks to a decades-long career and some high-profile projects on prime time TV and in major Hollywood movies. He’ll always be typecast to a degree as a coach, but that’s not the worst role. Check out these highlights from the storied career of Craig T. Nelson.

10. Parenthood

Parenthood - Season 6
PARENTHOOD — “These Are The Times We Live In” Episode 607 — Pictured: Craig T. Nelson as Zeek Braverman — (Photo by: Colleen Hayes/NBC)

Character: Zeek Braverman


9. Blades of Glory

Blades of Glory

Character: Coach


8. All the Right Moves


Character: Nickerson


7. The Killing Fields

Killing fields Craig T Nelson

Character: Military Attache


6. The Family Stone

Character: Kelly Stone


5. Stir Crazy

Sitr Crazy Gene Wilder Craig T Nelson
STIR CRAZY, front from left: Gene Wilder, Craig T. Nelson, 1980, © Columbia

Character: Deputy Ward Wilson


4. The Incredibles

Tired Mr Incredible

Character: Mr. Incredible/Bob Parr


3. Poltergeist


Character: Steve Freeling


2. My Name Is Earl

Character: Warden Jerry Hazelwood


1. Coach


Character: Hayden Fox



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