Top 10 Movies Released from 2000-2010

We all watch movies, and which is the “best” is a matter of opinion really. Here are the top 10 movies from 2000-2010. Don’t forget to check out other lists throughout Thought for Your Penny.

10. Kill Bill: Volume 2 (2004) 85% at Rotten Tomatoes

At least Bruce Lee has an erection while rolling over in his grave…

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Although Harvey Weinstein being outed as a sexual predator dealt a blow to his entire catalog, watching Uma Thurman’s Bride finally kill…well, Bill (David Carradine, whose sexual disease ended much different than Weinstein’s) is still a great cinematic moment.

Rating: R
Director: Quentin Tarantino
Starring: Uma Thurman, Daryl Hannah, Michael Madsen

9. Love Actually (2003) 63% at Rotten Tomatoes

When crazy old white men who spoke their mind were cool…

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The holiday romcom that cursed us with a string of others, Love Actually is actually a better movie than we give it credit for. Featuring amazing performances (Bill Nighy’s jaded Billy Mac is the standout), it’s better than all the others that came behind it.

Rating: R
Director: Richard Curtis
Starring: Hugh Grant, Keira Knightley, Colin Firth

8. Pan’s Labyrinth (2006) 95% at Rotten Tomatoes

Rose McGowan blocks out her audition for Weinstein…

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A fairy tale that’s not meant for kids, you’ll recognize the Hellboy-style demons in Guillermo del Toro’s epic drama about a child’s fantasy world. It’s a haunting film that’ll keep you engaged the entire time.

Rating: R
Director: Guillermo del Toro
Starring: Sergi Lopez, Ivana Baquero, Ariadna Gil

7. Collateral (2004) 86% at Rotten Tomatoes

As I understand it, everyone in Hollywood is masturbating just offscreen…

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Tom Cruise plays a hitman named Vincent who takes a cab driver on a night of work. It’s a thrilling action adventure where you don’t know for sure how Max is going to get out of it and win the girl like Hollywood is so prone to do.

Rating: R
Director: Michael Mann
Starring: Jamie Foxx, Jada Pinkett Smith, Mark Ruffalo

6. Sin City (2005) 78% at Rotten Tomatoes

Story of my life…

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Easily the most artistic noir film ever made, Rodriquez used Miller’s original graphic novel as a storyboard, and it shows. Twisting (and ultra-twisted) storylines paint a dark picture of Sin City.

Rating: R
Director: Frank Miller, Robert Rodriguez, Quentin Tarantino
Starring: Jessica Alba, Bruce Willis, Clive Owen

5. Superbad (2007) 87% at Rotten Tomatoes

Bruce Lee with his erection, rolling in his grave, which Jonah Hill apparently ate…

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Following some high school friends determined to get drunk and have the night of their lives, Superbad is a raunchy comedy that outdoes all predecessors, from Porkys to American Pie. Also McLovin…

Rating: R
Director: Greg Mottola
Starring: Jonah Hill, Michael Cera, Christopher Mintz-Plasse

4. Up (2009) 98% at Rotten Tomatoes

The last time it was ok to see an old man with a little kid not related to him…

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Arguably one of Disney Pixar’s best movies, Up manages to make you cry within the first 15 minutes. Beyond that, Paradise Falls is a wonderful place, and we’ll always enjoy cakes shaped like balloons and an old wooden house.

Rating: PG
Director: Pete Docter, Bob Peterson
Starring: Jordan Nagai, John Ratzenberger, Ed Asner


3. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004) 91% at Rotten Tomatoes

of all the trees, they gotta mess with the whomping willow…

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One of the darker Harry Potters, the third installment took the series in a new direction while maintaining the magic of Hogwarts. Gary Oldman debuts as Sirius Black, and the kids start to grow, whether you like it or not.

Rating: PG
Director: Alfonso Cuaron
Starring: Daniel Radcliffe, Alan Rickman, Emma Watson

2. The Dark Knight (2008) 94% at Rotten Tomatoes

Joker vs Pennywise – Who wins?

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The unforgettable final performance of Heath Ledger that changed Batman’s cinematic universe forever. Of course you’ve seen it already. Watch it again.

Rating: PG-13
Director: Christopher Nolan
Starring: Christian Bale, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Gary Oldman

1. Iron Man (2008) 94% at Rotten Tomatoes

This tin man isn’t a pacifist…

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While The Dark Knight redefined superhero movies, Iron Man did it with depth. Iron Man kickstarted the Marvel Cinematic Universe into high gear, forcing DC to go dreadfully dark. Tony Stark is more likable onscreen than any Bruce Wayne yet.

Rating: PG-13
Director: Jon Favreau
Starring: Robert Downy Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Terrence Howard


Brian Penny is a former Business Analyst and Operations Manager at Bank of America turned whistleblower, troll, and freelance writer.

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