Top 10 Ryan Reynolds Movies of All Time

We all watch movies, and which is the “best” is a matter of opinion. With that being said, here are the top 10 Ryan Reynolds movies of all time. Feel free to check out other lists throughout Thought for Your Penny.

10. The Proposal (2009) 44% at Rotten Tomatoes

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An overbearing editor finds out she’s about to lose her visa and be deported back to Canada. To avoid deportation, she promises a promotion to her assistant if he marries her and convinces INS it’s real.

Rating: PG-13
Director: Anne Fletcher
Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Sandra Bullock, Betty White

9. Green Lantern (2011) 26% at Rotten Tomatoes

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Pilot Hal Jordan is chosen by the Ring to become a Green Lantern after the death of Abin Sur. It grants him amazing powers and makes him the last hope of the universe after the Green Lantern Corps is disabled by the Parallax.

Rating: PG-13
Director: Martin Campbell
Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Peter Sarsgaard

8. The Hitman’s Bodyguard (2017) 40% at Rotten Tomatoes

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Michael Bryce was once a Triple-A-rated bodyguard, until he lost a client to an impossible shot. Now he’s relegated to protecting a hitman who agrees to testify against a Belarusian dictator in exchange for his wife’s freedom.

Rating: R
Director: Patrick Hughes
Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Samuel L. Jackson, Gary Oldman

7. The Change-Up (2011) 25% at Rotten Tomatoes

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Childhood friends Mitch and Dave dream of living each other’s lives. One is married with a family and successful career, while the other is single and stress free. One day they switch bodies and find out the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

Rating: R
Director: David Dobkin
Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Jason Bateman, Olivia Wilde

6. Blade: Trinity (2004) 25% at Rotten Tomatoes

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Blade is fighting both vampires and the human government, so he joins a group of vampire hunters, known as the Nightstalkers. Together they must hunt down Dracula, the most infamous vampire, who was awakened by the vampire nation in an effort to become day-walkers.

Rating: R
Director: David S. Goyer
Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Wesley Snipes, Parker Posey

5. National Lampoon’s Van Wilder (2002) 19% at Rotten Tomatoes

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Van Wilder is so legendary of a party animal at Coolidge College that a journalism student is assigned to write a story about him. When his father cuts off his college fund, he’s forced to find a way to either pay for it himself or finally graduate and enter the real world with the rest of us.

Rating: R
Director: Walt Becker
Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Tara Reid, Tim Matheson

4. Waiting… (2005) 31% at Rotten Tomatoes

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Shenanigan’s is filled with a random assortment of servers, cooks, dishwashers, bartenders, and bussers. Manager Dan offers 22-year-old Dean a position as assistant manager, which leads him to an existential crisis.

Rating: R
Director: Rob McKittrick
Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Anna Faris, John Francis Daley

3. Adventureland (2009) 88% at Rotten Tomatoes

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James wants to spend his summer vacation in Europe, but his family can’t afford it. So he ends up with a job at the local amusement park instead. He falls for one of the carnies who’s already involved with another carny, and everyone learns valuable lessons about love and life.

Rating: R
Director: Greg Mottola
Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Jesse Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart

2. Just Friends (2005) 42% at Rotten Tomatoes

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Chris Brander and Jamie Palamino were best friends throughout high school, but Chris moved to L.A. after graduation, lost weight, and became a successful music manager. When pop star Samantha James sets fire to her private plane, they’re grounded and visit Chris’s family for the holidays. There, he reunites with Jamie, but he may have changed too much for her liking.

Rating: PG-13
Director: Roger Kumble
Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Amy Smart, Anna Faris

1. Deadpool (2016) 83% at Rotten Tomatoes

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Mercenary Wade Wilson is subjected to a brutal series of experiments that leaves him disfigured, but with accelerated healing powers. He becomes Deadpool and hunts down the man responsible while protecting the woman he loves.

Rating: R
Director: Tim Miller
Starring: Ryan Reynolds, T.J. Miller, Morena Baccarin


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