Top 10 Seth Green Movie and TV Roles of All Time Seth Green is a child actor who's still acting childish to our delight.

Seth Green has been acting since he was 7, and he avoided the child star plague by focusing on learning the business. Now he’s a successful actor, voice actor, writer, director, producer, and more. His show, Robot Chicken, is one of the longest lasting on television. His sense of humor is legendary. Check out these highlights from the filmography of Seth Green.

10. Family Guy

Chris Griffin Family Guy

Character: Chris Griffin, etc.


9. Guardians of the Galaxy


Character: Howard the Duck


8. Without a Paddle


Character: Dan Mott


7. Rat Race

Character: Duane Cody


6. Can’t Hardly Wait

Cant Hardly Wait

Character: Kenny Fisher


5. The Italian Job


Character: Lyle


4. Robot Chicken

Robot Chicken

Character: Various


3. Knockaround Guys

Knockaround Guys

Character: Johnny Marbles


2. Idle Hands


Character: Mick


1. Austin Powers Series

Character: Scott Evil


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