Top 10 Valentine’s Day TV Episodes of All Time

We all watch TV shows, and which is the “best” is a matter of opinion. With that being said, here are the top 10 best TV Valentine’s Day episodes of all time. Feel free to check out other lists throughout Thought for Your Penny.

10. Parks and Recreation “Galentine’s Day”

Writer: Michael Schur
Aired: 2010, NBC

Leslie’s day-before-Valentine’s Day tradition is called Galentine’s Day, a female party that leaked into real life culture since. She and her boyfriend decide to hook her mom up with her old love, who’s now depressed and prone to panic attacks. Leslie breaks up with her boyfriend, which Tom takes especially hard.

9. Arrested Development “Marta Complex”

Writer: John Levenstein, James Vallely
Aired: 2004, Fox

Gob’s girlfriend Marta falls for Michael, and he overhears her telling her mom in Spanish. He doesn’t realize hermano means brother and asks Michael to help him hunt down this mystery man. Buster falls for Marta after realizing Lucille Austero is an old woman. George Michael fears Tobias knows about his love for his cousin, and Lindsay considers leaving Tobias just as he finally lands a bit acting gig.

8. That 70’s Show “Kelso’s Career”

Writer: Gregg Mettler
Aired: 2002, Fox

Red tells Eric he loves him, which confuses the hell out of him. Kelso needs money to buy Jackie a present, so he starts selling his “underpants navy” at the local sperm bank. Fez buys a box of candy for Rhonda, but he slowly eats it all. Meanwhile Donna is having issues with dating Kelso’s brother.

7. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia “The Gang Tends Bar”

Writer: Megan Ganz
Aired: 2017, FXX

Dennis just wants everyone to work on Valentine’s Day, but they’re all distracted with other things. Frank and Charlie are arguing over Frank’s tapeworm Jerry. Dee is obsessed with a customer everyone nicknamed Dee. Mac wants the gang to clear the bar out to investigate a mystery crate Cricket discovered. It’s an anti-Valentine’s episode filled with a surprising amount of genuine love.

6. X-Files “The Rain King”

Writer: Jeffrey Bell
Aired: 1999, Fox

Daryl Mootz gets in a car accident on Valentine’s Day after heart-shaped hailstones wreck is car during a supposed drought in a small Kansas town. The mayor calls Mulder and Scully to investigate 6 months later, as the drought is devastating the area. Everyone assumes Mootz can control the weather, but it’s actually someone else.

5. The Big Bang Theory “The Tangible Affection Proof”

Writer: Chuck Lorre, Bill Prady, Steve Holland, Tara Hernandez, Jim Reynolds, Steven Molaro
Aired: 2013, CBS

Leonard, Sheldon, and Howard are all working hard on the perfect Valentine’s Day presents for their girlfriends. Raj and Stuart decide to throw a single’s party at the comic book store for everyone alone on the day. Howard, Bernadette, Penny, and Leonard go on a double date that goes awry, Sheldon makes Amy his emergency contact, and Raj meets a woman and ditches the rest of the comic book nerds.

4. The Simpsons “I Love Lisa”

Writer: Frank Mula
Aired: 1993, Fox

Everyone in Lisa’s class has a ton of valentines, except Ralph Wiggum. Lisa takes pity and writes him a card with a train saying she choo-choo-chooses him. Ralph takes it to heart and begins pursuing her. She goes along with it until he says she’s the love of his life during the taping of Krusty the Clown’s 29th anniversary show. After losing her shit, they still have to appear on stage as George and Martha Washington, where Ralph gives the performance of a lifetime and attracts female groupies.

3. 30 Rock “Anna Howard Shaw Day”

Writer: Matt Hubbard
Aired: 2010, NBC

Jack appears on CNBC’s The Hot Box, where he meets and falls in love with Avery Jessup. Meanwhile, Jenna is upset that her stalker seems to have lost interest, as he’s the longest relationship she’s ever had in her life. And to put a cherry on top of everything, Liz Lemon has dental surgery and hallucinates seeing all her exes.

2. Futurama “Love and Rocket”

Writer: Dan Vebber
Aired: 2002, Fox

Shortly before Valentine’s Day, the Planet Express crew lands a delivery contract with Romanticorp. To celebrate, Professor Farnsworth upgrades the ship with a female A.I., and Bender quickly falls in love and begins cheating on her. When he breaks it off, the ship goes nuts and tries to kill everyone on board.

1. Superstore “Valentine’s Day”

Writer: John Kazlauskas
Aired: 2017, NBC

Amy and Glenn are determined to play matchmaker, hoping to pair Arthur and Myrtle up to feed the birds together. Unfortunately, Myrtle isn’t into the idea, and everyone ends up taking sexual harassment training. Meanwhile Jonah makes a connection with a shopper he’s undercover to bust stealing, and Dina ruins it. Also, Jeff and Mateo are finally outed as a couple.


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