Underwater is the First Thriller of 2020 – Hear from the Cast & Crew Underwater is a mystery in many people's worst nightmare - a leaky facility under siege by a creature

Underwater, released by 20th Century Fox, sees a cast including Kristen Stewart, T.J. Miller, and Vincent Cassel trapped seven miles beneath the ocean’s surface. Meanwhile, a mysterious creature has been awakened by their research and isn’t happpy.

The sci-fi horror movie from director William Eubanks has an $80 million budget and looks like it’s going to provide a lot of thrills and chills. Early clips show some tense situations, and newly released b-roll footage proves the actors went through a lot of physical activity to get things right.

We’ll know for sure whether or not the movie is a hit when it splashes into theaters nationwide on January 10, 2020. Until then, whet your appetite with some interviews from the cast and crew released today:

Director William Eubank discusses the making of Underwater:

John Gallagher Jr. discusses his role in Underwater:

Jessica Henwich talks about her role in Underwater:

Kristen Stewart Discusses what it was like filming Underwater:

Check out the official trailer for Underwater here:


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