10 Times Harry Mack Freestyles Changed the Game (Coronavirus Edition) Harry Mack is the best rapper on the planet. Here's why.

If you’re not already rocking with Harry Mack, you need to change that. The man has been a student of rap for 20 years, and he’s been spitting nothing but straight fire for the past few years on YouTube.

His Guerilla Bars series is a refreshing YouTube series that should be a must-watch for any fan of either music or YouTube. He’s easily the best freestyle rapper on the planet, and even  the most hardcore hip-hop head has to admit the man earned his stripes.

Check out 10 Times Harry Mack Took Freestyling to Another Level in the pre-pandemic days.

Mack is a trained musician with a keen ear for jazz and blues, which lay the foundation for an insane flow. For a minute there, we got a nice mix of Mack in his home studio for Wordplay Wednesday and Mack on the streets of Southern California performing live for improvised crowds in Guerilla Bars.

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Then coronavirus hit, and he got grounded. He added in Stream of Conscious Sunday, but livestreams only show off one small part of his full brilliance.

He’s more than just a great musician – Mack is a savvy entrepreneur who’s learning the YouTube game. It wasn’t long before he found a virtual replacement for Guerilla Bars in Twitch Happy Hours and Omegle Bars.

If you’re unfamiliar, Omegle is similar to Chat Roulette. You’re matched to random strangers, and this helps him keep things fresh and recreate the same feeling as being on the streets during quarantine.

And Mack’s work ethic paid off – like other legendary freestyle artists (i.e. Eyedea and Supernatural), his albums are criminally underrated and undersold. However, Mack found his way through a much different scene than battle raps, and he’s creating any new lane he needs to succeed.

Check out some of the most epic moments from his Omegle Bars series.

10. Harry Mack Roasts Clowns

As you can imagine, you run into some strange people online, and Mack’s personality and positivity can push through seemingly anything. He proves that 8 minutes into the first episode when a Slipknot-looking clown with a guitar shows up on camera and asks to be roasted.

Mack obliges with a fire freestyle, incorporating everything he can about the strange situation into his insane flow. It’s a great way to kick off a new concept, and he’s in a great mood to brag a bit for the couple he gets on next.

9. Harry Mack Understands Heartbreak

At 6 minutes into episode 7, Mack is given the words “betrayal,” “pain,” and “love.” He’s clearly talking to a man drinking to get over a broken relationship. The freestyle GOAT opens up and bears his soul so deep you can closer your eyes and imagine he’s Slug.

Not only did he absolutely destroy the mic, he made the man’s night. You can tell he put a smile on his face and gave him a form of therapy by simply singing him a song. This is how he turns strangers into fans every time.

8. Harry Mack Is the People’s Champion

A lot of rappers say they hold it down for their fans, but Mack takes things to another level by giving his fans a chance to collaborate with him. Episode 2 of Happy Hour kicks off with Mack rapping to a fan’s beatbox beat.

It’s a great beat, and his flow to it feels like it was a match made in heaven. It’s clear Mack is more than just a lyricist – he’s one of the most talented musicians alive today. It may have taken him 18 years to get here, but he’s exactly where he belongs.

7. Harry Mack Pulls Strings on Puppets

Following the string of strange people Mack encounters on Omegle bars, he finds himself in a strange room full of puppets 5 minutes into Omegle Bars 8. He’s given two of their names and “puppet world” to write a rhyme, and he takes it in stride with a jazzy piano beat.

He treats the puppets like they’re real people. It’s a great moment that proves he has no judgement towards strangers and can’t be thrown off by anything. He respects art in any form, and it’s obvious.

6. Harry Mack Belongs on Joe Rogan

A lot of people are listening to Mack while playing video games, and he leans into it on Twitch.  He’s not a big movie fan, but he does understand what he’s seeing on a gamer’s screen. As interesting as that is, it’s at the 13 minute mark that he really creates a highlight.

Mack’s style is about pleasing other people in the moment. The longer you watch him though, it’s the times his personality and story leaks out that really stick out. One example is when he ponders whether he belongs on the Joe Rogan Experience (which…if you ever read this Joe, he absolutely does).

5. Harry Mack Is a Role Model

The internet isn’t just filled with creepy adults – there are also kids. Episode 3 arguably shows a bit of both. Straight from the jump, he already has a fan in a young woman who’s in love just with his positivity. She’s a bit shy, but he coaxes her into giving him three words. He rewards her with a wicked freestyle she admits made the best day of her life.

A couple sessions later, he gets a young man who gives him pets and superheroes to rhyme about. Mack gives him the suprise of his young life and makes this kid’s day too before moving on to a crazy old inventor with a sex toy Mack does a rap ad for.

4. Harry Mack’s Eight-Sided Mind

There are several great moments in episode 6, including Mack’s admission he was imported from Mars. As an autistic man, I can absolutely relate to what he was saying about feeling like an alien living on earth. But where he really brought the house down was in his closer 17 minutes in.

He’s given the word “octagon” by a couple of British women. By the time he reaches it, he knows he has them hooked and is deep in his zone. He pulls out the most brilliant description of his eight-sided brain. If quarantine and lockdowns are making you sad, Mack’s mind will put a smile on your face.

3. Harry Mack Is a Mental Health Ally

One of the common themes in Harry Mack chats are people who are having problems with mental health. Mack’s infectious flows bring people joy, and he uses his power for good. This is evident halfway through his two-and-a-half-hour freestyle session over Eminem beats.

He rides an amazing line, matching Em’s iconic flow but infusing it with his own personality. At one point, the super chat presents him with a “should I live or die” question that sets Mack off on a tangent about how important it is to stay alive. It’s everything Logic has been chasing since 1-800-273-8255.

2. Harry Mack Is Drinkin on a Sunday High AF

You’d think he’s all bars, but Mack is a multi-faceted artist with a deep love of music. He understands his voice and often sings within his lines. You get a chance to hear him create a party anthem for a one-woman party in episode 4 when he’s given the words “drinking on a Sunday, High AF,” which he immediately turns into a hook.

Once he’s warmed up and the drop hits, he dives in and destroys the beat, making the woman appropriately go nuts. It has to inevitably get tiring being given the same basic ideas to rap about (money, pussy, liquor, and weed), but he continues to create magic.

1. Harry Mack Blesses His Fans in Morocco

Mack may be stuck sitting in L.A., but he has a worldwide reach. His talent is easily recognizable, and he’s a fantastic ambassador of American ideals. While this entire episode is fire, the cream of the crop is the Moroccan guys at the end.

After connecting with them, Mack incorporates the entire conversation with them into his rhyme. The verse he spits should be a feature on a mainstream radio hit, because it’s that good. He shows compassion for their situation, processes the information, and tells them his feelings before ending the song off on a high note by giving them hope for the future.

Bonus: Harry Mack Flows for 5 Hours for 500K Subs

Mack had maybe 100k YouTube subscribers in the 2019 holiday season I really started binging him. Back in those days, his streams would start out with 200 or so viewers. As he built his rep on the streets and in the studios, his stream attendance jumps up with it. Now he’s basically giving mid-range concerts to 2000+ people in many of his streams.

Unlike other rappers who floss their cash on the fans, Mack basically can’t keep up with the fans trying to rain cash upon him. I’ve thrown him $5-$10 in the superchats throughout his late 2019 and early 2020 livestreams. I even dropped $10 when I jumped back in and caught his 500k freestyle live. My message to him in the super chat was to give himself a pat on the back for everything he’s accomplished in the game, which he humbly did.

Harry Mack is a lyrical genius with an unmatchable flow. If you’re a producer and want to see what a rapper should sound like on your beats, he’s the man who can show you. Here’s hoping I get to spend another 20 years watching this man evolve as an artist. From upping his production to switching up his flows to stay on top of things, it’s always great to hear what’s on the always-running mind of Harry Mack.


Dr. Brian Penny is a former Business Analyst and Operations Manager at Bank of America turned whistleblower, troll, and freelance writer. You can find his work in Cracked, High Times, HuffPost, Lifewire, Forbes, Fast Company, and dozens of other places, although much of it is no longer under his name. Dr. Penny loves annoying fake media.

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