HIFIMAN’s TWS600 True-Wireless Earbuds Fail to Meet Airpod Expectations When you're not an Apple fanboy, professional audiophiles have options for you

HiFiMan Electronics is known as one of China’s premier, high-end audio designers and manufacturers. The brand’s studio monitors are critically acclaimed, so when they offered to send me their latest product – its TWS600 true wireless earbuds, I happily accepted.

Please keep in mind I got these earbuds for free from HiFiMan, but I am not paid for the review. My opinions are my own and independent of any influence from the brand. I do get a commission if you click-through to Amazon through my Amazon Affiliates account. I do not get a commission if you click-through and buy direct from HiFiMan.

That said, I love music, so I was excited to pop these earbuds in and see how well they work. Can they fit their premium sound into such a small form factor?

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HIFIMAN TWS600 Specs and Features

HiFiMan TWS600 Earbud

HiFiMan’s TWS600 is a pair of true-wireless earbuds with Bluetooth capable of connections at up to 50 meters away. I had no issue testing it to 200 feet in my neighborhood but there was too much intereference from there. The earbuds themselves have a 5.5-hour battery life, and the case adds another 33 hours, for a total of 38.5 possible on one charge.

TWS600 charges via USB-C cable, and they’re IPX4 rated for water resistance. This means you’ll have no issues with sweat, but I wouldn’t recommend wearing them in the pool. Each earbud includes one mic, and they came with a bag full of earpads. You shouldn’t have any issues finding the right fit for your ears.

The overall design of thh TWS600 leaves a lot to be desired. The lights on the outside are a bit much, the buttons weren’t the easiest to press, and they’re quite frankly ugly compared to Airpods or even Master & Dynamic’s MW07 earbuds. The case is lightweight and works well as a package.

HIFIMAN TWS600 Performance

HiFiMan TWS600 Earbuds

I listened to a range of music on these, from Dolly Parton’s 9-5 to DaBaby’s BOP on Broadway. While Dolly’s voice came out amazing, they struggled to handle DaBaby. His trademark bass sound was barely audible, much less the prominent feature they are in his music. It essentially robbed the video-game bounce from it.

HiFiMan says its topological diaphragm takes 10-20 hours of listening before they start to warm up, and I can definitely hear a difference using DaBaby as a baseline. I added the song to my playlist and went on for a few weeks before coming back to it. On second listen, BOP on Broadway still sounds like garbage in these earbuds.

I also had trouble with my own voice being registered while both buds were in my ear. HiFiMan recommended to take one out to hold up to my mouth, which obviously worked but defeated the purpose. With dual mics in each earbud (like M&W’s MW07 Plus), the problem would’ve been alleviated.

Final Thoughts on HIFIMAN TWS600


Overall, I was disappointed by HiFiMan’s TWS600 earbuds. They sound great for everything except music, which is the opposite of what I’d expect from a high-end audiophile brand. The design leaves a lot to be desired, and even with 20 hours put into them, the sound isn’t as clean and expansive as I would’ve hoped. Not to mention there’s no noise cancelling.

Hopefully I’ll one day get a chance to hear HiFiMan’s over-ear studio monitors. I’m sure its professoinal audiophle gear is fantastic. Unfortunately, these earbuds don’t do a great job of introducing you to the brand. At the $200 price point, you’re better off buying Airpods or M&W’s MW07 Go. These need to go back to the lab.

Final Grade: C-


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