Joyner Lucas and Logic Squash Beef Over ISIS Two of the hottest names in the game are finally in the same lane.

Joyner Lucas and Logic just dropped a new track and video that has the Twitterverse going nuts this morning. The song, called “ISIS,” features the two lyrical stars in full-on U.S. military digital camo flowing over a trunk-bumping beat that’s sure to continue gaining heat as the summer does.

Here’s the video to see for yourself.

What’s Beef?

While Logic and Joyner’s rap beef didn’t make the type of headlines Drake and Meek Mill (or even Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly) did, it was obvious to everyone these two were butting heads. It all started when they were both featured on Tech N9ne’s “Sriracha.”

As you can tell from Logic’s verse, he basically called it in. In fact, his excuse-filled verse is literally the kinda thing you say to your boss when you show up late and hungover Monday morning. Here are a couple of clips:

Yeah, I guess I’m supposed to come with that fast flow
Woo! I guess I’m supposed to come with that gas flow
But no, I’mma just spit it, I’mma get it good
Wish you would tell me what I should do
I don’t know, hit the door
Uh, yeah, feel like I been here before


I put that on everything, I’m just being honest, shit
So what’s up, hold up
Tech I’m sorry for the hold up but I been on the road
Should have had this verse to your ass a long time ago
When I put that on everything, I ain’t had a minute to myself
But I been living like I ain’t finna see tomorrow
I ain’t focused on no wealth
I been living good, I been feeling fine

Lucas was touring with Tech at the time and ended up putting his own verse on the track while they were waiting for Logic. He saw Logic’s laziness as disrespectful to the legendary emcee. It’s not just the verse, either. Tech, one of the hardest working people in hip-hop, acknowledged the work ethic just wasn’t there.

This ignited a beef, and both artists were said to have been writing disses about each other (though Joyner’s were a lot more directly aimed). Of course, Logic denied writing any lyrics about Lucas, instead trying to focus on love.

And it seems love and peace is what ultimately won the day, as this new track is fire.

Joyner continues his came-from-the-bottom-and-still-fly-as-fuck swagger, kicking the the song off with a killer cadence bragging about his come up. He’s easily the most interesting lyricist this side of J Cole and Kendrick Lamar.

For his part, Logic holds his own and stands much stronger on this track than Sriracha. We can all agree Joyner murdered Logic on every prior song, but they flow well together here. Perhaps the mutual enemy of ISIS was what they needed.

Either way, we’re glad to hear they worked it out and hope it evolves into a full album. For now, you can find it on Joyner’s upcoming album, ADHD.


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