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Master & Dynamic is the maker of my favorite wireless headphones in the MW60. When I heard they have two new earbuds out in time for holiday 2019, I had to try them out.  I contacted the company to get a pair, and I wasn’t disappointed. They both stood up to my expectations, expanding on the older MW07 earbuds with two price-tiered options that are sure to get the streets hopping this winter.

The MW07 Go is the lower tier (and less expensive) $199 release that uses the same 10mm beryllium drivers as the original MW07.  It lacks some of the features of the premium MW07 Plus [most notably Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and the use of premium materials], but it still packs a ton of features into a small package.

Let’s take a look at what makes Master & Dynamic’s MW07 Go worth buying.

Under the Hood of MW07 Go

Master and Dynamic MW07 Go
Photo by Kelly Fager


MW07 Go shares the same basic look as its predecessor, with much the same premium components. This includes 10mm beryllium drives with a technical knit fabric charging case.. The internal batteries last approximately 10 hours, with another 12 hours available in the charging case. I actually prefer this charging case over the premium stainless steel case of the MW07 Plus.

The charging case is gorgeous, and you won’t scratch and smear it the way you will its more expensive brethren. It quick charges from 0 to 50% in 15 minutes, taking 40 minutes to get a full 100% charge.

The included silicone fit rings come in 3 sizes to fit any size/style ears, and they fit beautifully when placed right. Each earbud includes a microphone, for a total of two mics, which really increases the sound quality on both sides of the call over typical earbuds.

MW07 Go has Bluetooth 5.0, with support for SBC and aptX codecs at a distance of up to 100 ft (300 m) with an IPX6 water-resistance rating. This is actually a level above the IPX5 water resistance in the MW07 Plus

MW07 Go Features and Design

Master and Dynamic MW07 Go Colors
Photo by Kelly Fager

The electronics in MW07 Go are hidden behind a TR90 composite that’s available in four different colors. I have the jet black, but the company also provided the other color options so I could see them all. Personally, the black are the only ones I felt looked right on a pair of $200 earbuds.

MW07 Go is smaller and lighter than MW07 Plus at 7.4 grams vs 9 grams (AirPods are 4 grams). Because there is a mic built into each earbud, you can use them independently if you choose. Sound quality is great, and I was easily able to use Google Assistant while walking down the street, even walking right next to traffic.

My favorite part of Master & Dynamic as a brand is their dedication to natural sounds that are as much dependent on quality components as software support. It’s a sound that audiophiles will definitely notice but anyone can really appreciate, and it’s present in all versions of MW07 earbuds.

Some reviewers aren’t happy with the design, but I’m ecstatic for people to see earbuds in my ear if it means I can use them all day without the need for a charge. In fact, you’ll only need to charge the case itself once a week or so with daily usage. Of course, earbuds are secondary to over-ear headphones for me, which I’ll always prefer unless working out.

Putting MW07 Go to the Test

MW07 Go Charger
Photo by Kelly Fager


I put together a varied playlist to really put MW07 Go to the test. First on deck was the bass-heavy “Bussdown” from 2019’s mascot Blueface featuring Offset. MW07 handled the heavy bass lines and baritone voice perfectly.

Next, I  moved on to Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Free Bird,” where Ronnie Van Zant’s vocals and Gary Rossington and Allen Collins’ squealing guitar solos were perfectly presented. I was impressed by this point, but had to try one more song before I was convinced and could move on to a new playlist.

The final song was a live version of Adele “Someone Like You” that I needed to hear to know for sure it could capture the beauty of her voice. Halfway through the song, I realized MW07 Go is a great pair of earbuds outshined only by the company’s own MW07 Plus, unless you’re really into Apple’s AirPods.

Final Thoughts

MW07 Go Charging Case
Photo by Kelly Fager


Master & Dynamic’s MW07 Go is an upgrade to last year’s impressive earbuds. It adds more battery power while upgrading water-proofing, Bluetooth connectivity, and audio codec support. The design remains the same, to the chagrin of those seeking an invisible earbud, but it’s still noticeably smaller and lighter than the MW07 Plus.

When it comes to sound, these buds have an amazing sound that handled the deepest bass and high-pitched trebles I threw at it. Despite the large size, these earbuds never felt heavy nor made my ears any sorer than typical earbuds. Unfortunately, $200 is a lot to spend on earbuds that don’t include ANC.

If you need ANC, spend the extra $100 on MW07 Plus (or meet in the middle with Apple’s $250 AirPods Pro). Otherwise, MW07 Go is a competent upgrade over last year’s model that’s sure to please those who weren’t also given a pair of the company’s premium buds.

Final Grade: A-


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