The Perfect Bluetooth Speaker for Each Room of Your Home

Bluetooth speakers come in every shape and size these days, and it can be difficult to know what will work best in which situations. Having tested and reviewed a variety of latest bluetooth speakers over the past few years, I’ve had hands-on experience to help figure out these logistics.

These are my picks for the best bluetooth speakers to place in each room of your home. For maximum effect, a Cassia Bluetooth router can synchronize everything to add new effects, such as combining speakers from different brands or passing off to the closest speaker within proximity to your mobile device. It also works with Alexa, which can be synced individually as well.

For the Living Room – Monster Superstar Ravebox ($449.95 at

Monster Superstar Ravebox

If you had told me back in the mid 1990s that electronic dance music would be the hottest trend, I probably would’ve laughed at you. Yet most kids and adults I’ve met in my travels are into it, and even I found myself at the Electric Daisy Carnival, the world’s largest EDM festival, in 2015. Superstar Ravebox, Monster’s latest bluetooth speaker, taps into this trend by adding a colorful light display to an 80s boombox-style speaker.

Built-in EQ modes for indoor and outdoor mean you can easily grab it and bring it either out back for a pool party or out front for whatever road trip or tailgating. The rechargeable battery can last up to 12 hours, and it’s waterproof, splash-proof, and quite rugged.

Aside from Bluetooth, it can also pair via NFC or a direct audio line in, making it easy to connect to whatever you need, and it can be operated with the kaleidoscope light on or off (I preferred to keep it off more often than not, as I have a bevy of smart light options).

This portable boombox has the type of full-range sound (including booming base) that you just can’t get in smaller bluetooth solutions. It deserves to be in the biggest space possible getting the party started.

For the Bedroom – Bowers & Wilkins T7 ($349 at

Bowers and Wilkins T7

In my bedroom, crystal-clear, high-fidelity sound is what’s required, and (while I’ve still not tried the latest Bose speakers) Bowers & Wilkins T7 is the best bluetooth speaker I’ve found for this. On top of the powerful sound, it’s a beautiful speaker that’s clearly built to be looked at.

Whether you enjoy the complicated sounds of EDM, deep impact Rock, bass and lyricism of hip-hop, or even bright melodies of acoustic instrumentals, the T7 can handle it. It’s also the perfect size to be packed up and brought with you on trips to any hotel room anywhere you go. With up to 18 hours of playback time, you can listen to it all day if you’d like.

Although you should probably get out of bed and get some exercise at some point, you lazy shit.

For the Closet – Sengled Pulse Solo ($41.99 at

While I was initially harsh on the Pulse Solo speaker bulb during my Spring 2016 review, I learned over time that it’s actually a pretty handy bulb to have around. Before my ex-roommates in Flagstaff stole it, I found it to be quite useful for listening to music in confined spaces like the closet.

If you need some music to keep you going while you’re getting dressed, packed, etc., Sengled’s Pulse Solo actually is a fantastic speaker for that. It’s a bit louder than what you get out of your phone, despite not being much bigger of a speaker, because it’s positioned above your head shooting outwards in every direction.

It’s still obviously not going to compare to some of the other speakers on this list, but it’s a nice smart bulb option to keep in the closet.

For the Garage – Milwaukee Tools Wireless Jobsite Speaker ($149 at

Milwaukee Tools Wireless Jobsite Speaker

Milwaukee’s M18 Fuel with OneKey outshone Dewalt’s connected power tools in my 2017 smart tool roundup because of the sleek software UI and better-integrated bluetooth technology. The Wireless Jobsite Speaker is yet another handy tool to have around the garage, as it’s compatible with both M18 and M12 batteries and provides a great sound in a slim package.

It can be synced to your OneKey app and tracked through a Tick, and matches Milwaukee’s classic red and black design. If you need music while working, this is a great speaker to bring along.

For the Yard – UE Boom 2 ($199 at


The winner of my 2016 holiday bluetooth speaker face-off, the Boom 2 by Logitech-subsidiary Ultimate Ears is perfect for outdoor use. It’s clean, small, and durable, able to handle drops, spills, and whatever else you can throw at it while still blasting great sound.

UE’s Boom 2 also includes an accelerometer, so you can pick it up and tap it to play, pause, and skip songs. The feature worked nearly every time we tried it.

The Boom 2 has two 45mm active drivers and two 45x80mm passive radiators. It measures 2.75L x 7.13W x 2.75H in and 1.21 lbs (67x180x67 mm and 548g in non-retard), making it a portable solution for trips you don’t need a full-on Ravebox for.

For the Kitchen – Amazon Echo Dot ($49.99 at


Although I’m still on a break with Alexa because of my neighbor connecting to her through the always-visible security glitch, she’s still the best voice assistant I’ve used, since Google won’t send me a Home and I’m not an Apple fanboy. I do still occasionally connect her for a flash briefing and when cooking because I love the variety of kitchen skills.

From measurement conversions to creating grocery lists or reading out recipes and setting timers, Alexa is like a sous chef at your disposal while cooking. The Echo Dot, for all its security flaws, is a useful speaker to have on hand in the kitchen. Just make sure not to have any sensitive or confidential conversations around it.

For the Bathroom – Kohler Moxie ($199 at

kohler-moxie-bluetooth-showerheadMoxie is a shower head I featured in my 2017 shower round-up back in February because of its sleek design and removable bluetooth speaker. I was initially terrified it would fall out and kill me (or at least stub my delicate toes), but the calamity never came.

The removable Bluetooth speaker attaches to the shower head through magnets and actually manages to stay on well with the water turned on full blast, even over time. We haven’t had any injuries yet (knock on wood).

Even though the center is filled with a speaker, Moxie still provides a great spray through 60 angled nozzles around the edge. The sound on the speaker isn’t the best – it’s treble-heavy and lacks the punch of any deep bass, but it’s hard to beat the convenience. There’s no better bathroom speaker on the market yet, although who knows what 2018 will bring?


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