Top 10 Meek Mill Songs of All Time (And 10 Classic Verses) Meek Millz is a rapper and activist whose court problems are legendary

Robert Rihmeek Williams (stage name Meek Mill) embodies the voice of the street like nobody since 2Pac. The Philly-bred emcee stood out for his rhymes, but it’s his fight against the law that consistently makes headlines. He has essentially been on trial, probation, and parole his entire life, stemming from one bogus gun charge. Every time he gets out, he blesses the hood with another banger. Check out these highlights from the storied discography of Meek Mill.

Meek Millz Songs

10.  “Tupac Back (ft Rick Ross)”

Album: Self Made Vol 1 2012

Classic Line: 

Mommy a soldier (Soldier!), daddy is dead (Dead!)
We catch the nigga that did it, then we gon’ carry his head
Fuck a 911, tell ’em have him a bed
Talking, Death Row records, tell em have me a chair
Let it burn, I’m screaming: “Free my nigga Hearn!”
He’s due in, no hestitation, we can’t even get a turn
And my Makaveli CD ,then I listened than I learned
Grabbed my Mac above the dresser, my OG said, “Hold it firm”

9. “Burn (ft Big Sean)”

Album: Dream Chaser 4

Classic Line: 

End of story, nigga P.S
All white Maybach, Green Bay they packing
Y’all niggas was slackin’ ‘member the hard nights we trappin’
And they say lifes a game of chess you can play checkers all on my jacket
‘Cause it’s Damier and we bombs away on y’all big rappers

8. “House Party (ft Young Chris)”

Album: Milladelphia 2012

Classic Line: 

I tell ’em meet me in the bathroom
I fuck her while the water runnin’
Her friend knockin’ at the door
And she screamin’ out I’m cummin’
And my youngin’ in my other room, fuckin up my sheets
She tell ’em boy don’t grab my hair because you’re fuckin up my weave
I got a hundred bottles Ciroc boy
All my jewelry cold as fuck but I’m a hot boy
All these stones in my chain make me a rock boy
And I heard you niggas talking money you should stop boy

7. “Levels”

Album: Dream Chaser 3

Classic Line: 

I ain’t get my shit snatched yet
You ain’t get your bitch back yet
One call, niggas aim that tech
Blood drawn, headshot nigga brains on step
Hot shit if you pop shit
And I don’t want your opinion if you ain’t got shit
We young niggas, we winning I pull up, drop shit
Mob shit, with more keys than a locksmith

6. “Amen (ft Drake)”

Album: Dreams and Nightmares 2012

Classic Line: 

Bottle after bottle, drink until I overdose
Pull up in the Phantom watch them bitches catch the holy ghost
Everytime I step up in the dealer I be goin’ broke
Shorty wanna fuck me I say get on top and rollercoast
And I lay back, she go cray
Fuck me good, but she no stay
Murder on that pussy let her boyfriend get that DOA
Get it? And all I get is Frito Lay
Plus I’m on probation, when they test me I just pee Rozay

5. “Left Hollywood”

Album: Meekend Music 2017

Classic Line: 

Caught my first case, it was me versus the state
I just wanted some steak and some food on my plate
Came up from shit I’m like “how can you hate”
I’m just tryna be great, I survived with the snakes
Look what they did to Lil’ Kodak and Gates’
I can’t lose faith, I just want shine like the stars in my Wraith
We go to war in fatigues like it’s Bape
I don’t feel safe, can’t sleep without it
Master with them P’s yeah boy I’m ’bout it ’bout it
Brought me to my knees back when everybody doubted
Can’t let my youngins see me fold, I’m too solid
If I stand on it, I’ma stand on it
Put some bags on the scale, put some grams on it
This the only shit I knew I seen my man done it
Tryna be like niggas who were never there for us
We ain’t have no guidance

4. “Going Bad (ft Drake)”

Album: Championships 2018

Classic Line: 

I could fit like 80 racks in my Amiris (80 racks)
Me and Drizzy back-to-back, it’s gettin’ scary (Back-to-back)
If you fuckin’ with my odds, it’s don’t come near me (Get outta my way)
Put some bands all on your head like Jason Terry (Brrt, brrt, ooh)
Richard Mille cost a Lambo (That’s a Lambo)
Known to keep the baddest bitches on commando (Salute)
Every time I’m in my trap, I move like Rambo (Extended)
Ain’t a neighborhood in Philly that I can’t go (That’s a Fendi)
For real

3. “All Eyes on You (ft Nicki Minaj & Chris Brown)”

Album: Dreams Worth More Than Money 2015

Classic Line: 

But now it’s all eyes on me, and it all lies on me
To say somethin’ to your pretty ass
I’m hood nigga, what you lookin’ at?
‘Cause I’m good for that, Birkin bags, I’m good for that
Might just be your plug for that
You might fall in love with that, got love for that
What’s your name? Who you with?
Where you from? You the shit
Choose and pick, get the right one
All these chicks, got to like one
All these hit you, got to like one
All these bottles, got to like some
All these models, got the right one
What you gon’ do? Hide or run?

2. “Ima Boss (ft Rick Ross)

Album: Dont Panic 2012

Classic Line: 

Look I be riding through my old hood, but I’m in my new whip
Same old attitude but I’m on that new shit
They say they gon’ rob me, see me never do shit
Cause they know that’s the reason that’s gone end up on a news clips
Audemar on my wrist, bustdown
We poppin’ bottles like I scored the winning touchdown
Remember Meek dead broke? Look at me, up now
I run my city from south Philly back to uptown

1. “Dreams and Nightmares Intro”

Album: Dreams and Nightmares 2012

Classic Line: 

Hater rest in peace, rest in peace to the parking lot
Phantom so big, it can’t even fit in the parking spot
You ain’t talkin’ ’bout my niggas then what you talkin’ bout?
Gangstas move in silence, nigga and I don’t talk a lot
I don’t say a word, I don’t say a word
Was on my grind and now I got what I deserve fuck nigga
Hold up wait a minute, y’all thought I was finished?
When I bought that Aston Martin y’all thought it was rented?
Flexin’ on these niggas, I’m like Popeye on his spinach
Double M, yeah that’s my team, Rozay the captain, I’m the lieutenant

Meek Millz Guest Verses

10. Asher Roth “Party Girl”

Album: Party Girl 2012

Classic Line: 

Parties all the time, shorty she a dime
Ass like Nicki, barbie in her prime
Stripping on that pole, shorty on her grind
I meet her in the bathroom, dog her from behind

9. Mariah Carey  “Triumphant (Get Em)”

Album: Triumphant (Remixes) 2012

Classic Line: 

They told me get ’em, I got ’em,
I swear this word to my father
And the only way to make it to the top
If you go and get it from the bottom
And I ain’t never asked for no handouts
You won’t carry me, no Mariah
These haters love when I was dead broke
But they ain’t mad at me,
I’m on fire and I’m gon’ burn
And they ain’t gon’ learn,
I remember they said that it ain’t my turn
But it ain’t confirmed, then the table’s turned
Just look at me now, try to hold me down
But I ain’t gon’ stop, ’cause I’m gon’ climb
To the mountain top, to the mountain top, now let’s go

8. T.I. “Jefe”

Album: Dime Trap 2018

Classic Line: 

Fuck up a check, then we makin’ it back
She like Chanel, I’ma drape her in that
She want the D, I’ve been waitin’ on that
I’ve been doing my thing, they’ve been hatin’ on that
And I meant what I said, I ain’t takin’ it back
We get your chain, we ain’t takin’ it back
Reach for my chain, gotta fight you for that
Only speak on my name when you statin’ the facts, please

7. Wale “Bag of Money”

Album: G’s In Maybach 2 2012

Classic Line: 

My bitch bad looking like a bag of money
E’rry time she fuck me she say “can I have some money?”
And I say “can I get a threesome?”
She say “boy, you funny”
But I be like foreal, just pick up that phone call on one of your girls
When I’m on that pill and I pop that perc
Girl I put in that work
Long as she come to me first its 14 racks what I put on that purse
Shit that Birkin bag, make the old dude mad
When I murk through passed in a dark blue jag
Say she like my style but I talk too fast
And I got that drive and she just might crash hold up,

6. Nav “Tap”

Album: Bad Habits 2019

Classic Line: 

In the trap, hang in places that you can’t go
Glock forty, he got smokey, yeah, the Draco
Thousand nights on that corner eating egg-rolls
Bad bitch Puerto Rican, look like J. Lo, woah
They tried to extort me, I ain’t pay though
Only thing I gave ’em was a halo
A-hole, Uber on the way, hoe
Fuck her from the back, put my thumb all in her A-hole

5. DJ Khaled “You Stay”

Album: Father of Asahd 2019

Classic Line: 

Uh, I don’t know how you do it, but you did it, I’ll admit it
And who am I to be a critic and tell you different?
You know I never speak on that nigga, it’s not my business
But I could tell you that his level’s no competition
And I’m optimistic that I’m ’bout to hit it
And um, I can tell you’ve been crying in Honda Civics
Because I caught you slipping, left you no choice
You ever cry again, it’s gon’ be in a Rolls Royce
I wipe your face with them new hundreds to make your tears dry
Hitting it on a jet, this ain’t no red eye
Got you chasing dreams, and it ain’t even bedtime
And don’t you dare bring up your ex ’cause he a dead guy
I wonder

4. The Game “The Soundtrack”

Album: 1992 2016

Classic Line: 

Have your momma ten and two, with my homies spinnin’ through
Drive-by, layin’ side by side as they viewin’ you
Ha, cause you will ride for your nigga, right?
Now with hearses side by side, with your nigga right
Cause it been plenty nights I barely made it through this life
Niggas want to snatch my soul from me like I’m Jesus Christ

3. DJ Drama “My Moment”

Album: Quality Street Music 2012

Classic Line: 

If I dont grind, I dont shine
If I dont shine, then I don’ eat
Won’t eat, then ima starve
If ima starve, I pull heat
On all yall bitch ass niggas
All yall rich azz niggas
Cuz if I don’ make no money nigga
Im gon’ take yo money nigga

2. Rick Ross “So Sophisticated”

Album: God Forgives, I Don’t 2012

Classic Line: 

Shittin’ on these haters, ball hard D-Waders
Ever since I got money, e’rybody need favors
That’s why I ain’t got no homies, and I ain’t got no neighbors
But I be on my grind like I ain’t got no paper
But I’m so rich and I got yo bitch
All in my whip and she all on my dick
With a hand on my stick, tryna live in my crib
‘Cause I handle my shit like a candle got lit

1. DJ Khaled “They Don’t Love You No More”

Album: I Changed a Lot 2015

Classic Line: 

Nigga, you ain’t seen it, I’ve been fucking up arenas
I’m with double M, the genius, we the motherfucking meanest
And the cleanest in a long time
You pussy niggas hating on me picked the wrong time
Long line for a limp mink draggin’, new bandwagon
Blood dripping on me looking like a nigga stabbed him
I be on the money, baking soda in the cabinet
Pyrex, trying to whip a Rollie, making magic
Laughing at you fuck niggas getting madder
If I feel threatened, I’mma go and get a ladder
And climb up your chest, nigga, motherfuck your vest, nigga
Motherfuck your couch, I’m with Khaled, the best, nigga


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