Top 10 Music Channels to Discover New Music on YouTube YouTube spawned some of the biggest musical artists of our time.

Music is one of my all-time favorite art forms. I’ve been studying it since I was a kid, learning to read music, play instruments, sing, dance, and perform on stage.

While my peers lament about the “better days” when they were teens and music was aimed at them, I prefer to seek out new artists.

I love new music, and today’s internet-connected world makes it easier than ever for independent musicians to release their creations to the world and hustle for fandoms.

There’s no shortage of music streaming services and podcasts dedicated to music. What this list focuses on is music videos on YouTube, one of the most popular video streaming services on the planet.

Ever since MTV’s video killed the radio star, music videos have been a staple in our lives. They’re short-form art, and these are the top places to find new music videos on YouTube in 2019.

10. Taste of Country

Genres: Country, Bluegrass, Folk
2019 Lineup: Cody Johnson, Blake Shelton, Morgan Wallen

Country music remains consistently one of the top-selling music genres for generations. This channel brings the best of rising stars mixed with country’s old guard. It also provides live-in-studio performances and news.

9. Paste Magazine

Genres: Rock, Alternative, Progressive, Metal, New Wave, Funk, Rap, Pop
2019 Lineup: Lou Doillon, Field Medic, Warbly Jets, Great Lake Swimmers, Jesse Harris, Thomas Dybdahl

Paste Magazine is a modern-day Rolling Stone, providing music, entertainment, and political news coverage to the masses. I wrote for Paste and have an open invite to pitch to them I never cashed in on for economic reasons. Their studio sessions are gold, and they’ve been busier than everybody so far this year getting exclusive live performances.


Genres: Alternative, Underground, Indie
2019 Lineup: Young Fathers, Flamingods, Initials Bouvier Bernois, Bagdad Brothers, All Them Witches, Phospherescent

KEXP is one of the main reasons Seattle’s music scene is so revered. This nonprofit arts organization brings the most creative and talented musicians of any genre in to perform live on the air. This station is responsible for some of the best performances you’ll ever see in rock, rap, EDM, or any other genre.

7. TimWestwoodTV

Genres: Rap, Hip-hop
2019 Lineup: 86, Dremo, Skepta, CDQ, MadeinTYO, 6ix 7even, IDK, Cadet

Tim Westwood is a must-stop European destination for any MC looking to make a name for himself. This DJ takes no prisoners, and a hot freestyle on this channel can open doors. Check out the hottest rappers spitting the hottest bars in the game.

6. Trap City

Genres: Trap
2019 Lineup: Gesaffelstein & The Weeknd, Arman Cekin, grandson, RL Grime & graves, NGO & UKato, 2Scratch

Not every music video needs to be complicated. Trap City knows its EDM-loving audience and caters to them with a simple logo visualization reminiscent of Winamp and PlayStation’s music visuals (albeit waaaaaay toned down).

5. EscapeTracks

Genres: R&B, Soul
2019 Lineup: Isaia Huron, Niomi, Abdou, Biawanna, Maurice Moore, Ayelle, Eastman, Summer Walker, DeCarlo

R&B is known for smooth sounds, soulful voices, and lyrics that really give you the feels. Check out the latest and greatest singers with the silkiest voices on the market at EscapeTracks.

4. Rap Nation

Genres: Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B
2019 Lineup: Logic, Fukkit, Pasha, YNW Melly, GASHI, Mindflip, Dutch Revz, Tony Velour, Hooligan Chase

Hip-hop is more than music – it’s an underground culture that rose to mainstream prominence at the turn of the century. Now everybody wants to be a rapper, and Rap Nation gives anybody a chance to spit bars and show the world they have skills. This isw where you keep your ears to the streets.

3. NPR Music

Genres: Rock, Pop, Rap, Instrumental, Classical, Jazz, Funk, Bluegrass, Folk, Vocal
2019 Lineup: Cat Power, Cameron Graves, Blood Orange, Regina Carter & Bob Hurst, Aaron Lee Tasjan, Buddy, Amy Grant

NPR is fantastic, and the Tiny Desk Concert series is one of my favorites. If you’ve never recorded anything at NPR, it’s nothing like those radio stations you’ll see in music videos and movies. I sat in a tiny desk in a closet when I appeared. That’s why everyone talks with indoor voices, something that carries into this exquisite acoustic series.

2. NoCopyrightSounds

Genres: Electronic Dance Music (EDM)
2019 Lineup: Kaivon, 3rd Prototype, NIVIRO, Valcos & Chris Linton, Robin Hustin, Lost Sky, Sub Urban, Distrion & Electro-Light

This British Record Label keeps bringing the hottest EDM to the scene. It uses a similar minimalist style as Trap City, but with an Electric Daisy Carnival twist. If you can’t get enough EDM, NCS has you covered.

1. Vevo

Genres: All
2019 Lineup: Nicki Minaj, Thalia, Ariana Grande, Mike WiLL Made-It, Alejandro Sanz, Travis Scott

If you’re looking for the best and brightest stars, Vevo is the MTV of the internet generation. This platform connects through YouTube to ensure artists are paid for their work. If there’s a hot video out there everyone’s talking about, you can almost bet it’s on Vevo.

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Brian Penny is a former Business Analyst and Operations Manager at Bank of America turned whistleblower, troll, and freelance writer.

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