Top 10 Tech N9ne Songs of All Time (And 10 Classic Guest Verses) Tech N9ne has the most creative flow in the game, and he keeps it indie.

Aaron Dontez Yates (state name Tech N9ne) is the most successful independent musician of any genre in history. He’s a rap machine with a unique flow that lasted from the 1990s through the 2000s, and he shows no signs of slowing down. His chopper style brings speed and skill that not every rapper can handle. In fact, his work ethic alone keeps him ahead of the pack at all times. Check out these highlights from the creative discography of Tech N9ne.

Tech N9ne Songs

10.  “The Rain (ft Reign Yates, Alyia Yates)”

Album: Everready (The Religion) 2006

Classic Line: 

And still I don’t think you understand what’s real
While I’m with you, with my wife, another chance is killed
And my kids, All 3 of them suffer in the worst way
Cause last year I missed all three of their birthdays
So when you see me with my eyes full of pain,
give me love, cause these are three of the reasons why
I call the road the rain

9. “Dysfunctional (ft Big Scoob & Krizz Kaliko)”

Album: Sickology 101 2009

Classic Line: 

Yeah, don’t you bring me nothing stupid
If you don’t want me to lose it
Step back if you don’t want me to attack
I’m a beast, better give me the deuces
I have no tolerance for nonsense, get away from me
Me wanna get dollars
Don’t wanna holler but you makin’ me
I’m a little dysfunctional
You’re the problem, please don’t awaken me
And I’m that way cause back in
The day most have forsaken me

8. “Leave Me Alone (ft Krizz Kaliko)”

Album: K.O.D. 2009

Classic Line: 

I’m in my own world partna, and you don’t fit there.
All your tech hatred has got you soundin’ like a bitch player.
And this is to multiple haters and I swear it,
Ain’t about a pass but if the shoe fit wear it nigga.
Its a size nine, wanna step inside mine?
It’ll feel like you died tryin’,
And you will know that I can’t buy time, for you to catch Casper its high time.
You tried crimes against me cause you couldn’t follow the guidelines.

7. “Like I Ain’t”

Album: N9na 2019

Classic Line: 

Like I never heard fans yell it
Not The Calm, not The Worst, even Anghellic (Word)
Before they told me that I can’t sell it
Before I went to the reunion of fam’, Nelly
Like I didn’t have this new watch (Chuh)
And it never would tic and never do toc (Chuh)
Like I’m rapping myself into learnin’ brew hops
Rappin’ like I ain’t never did a record with 2Pac

6. “Suicide Letters”

Album: Anghellic 2001

Classic Line: 

My brains contaminated, hella rotten
It wasn’t me who killed you (Who was it, what was it)
The affects of the mildew, my brains wilted
In my eyes the world is a bit tilted
Lord take me away before somebody else get killed
Bloods spills seriously

5. “I’m a Playa (ft Krizz Kaliko)”

Album: Absolute Power 2002

Classic Line: 

Listen closely ’cause this is sumthin you might not know
Never ever tell ya love where else you get your love
Move in groups no one on one when you hit the club
And you should know this if you call yourself a wicked thug
If you creep to the movies throw away your ticket stub
If you sexin’ learn this lesson when you wash off
Just use hot water don’t put no soap on your wash cloth
That way when you get home no questions you won’t leave her bent
Don’t be a dope and use the soap cause it will leave a scent
Don’t tell a number two that she’s your one and only
Cause if she know it’s way easy to go her own way
If you taking chickens to your secret home hey
Always go the back way to confuse’em just take the long way
To all the ladies if you playin’ throw ya hands up
To all my fellas if you playin’ throw ya grands up
This is 4-eva baby having clever thangs I’m a playa
Mother fucker and I bet I’ll never change

4. “Hood Go Crazy (ft 2Chainz and B.o.B)”

Album: Special Effects 2015

Classic Line: 

Down there, they got the hair that’s missin’
Keep it bare, I promise I’ll never tear that kitten
I am aware sex hittin’ is the care when I share that stick and
So good I might impair that vision

3. “Worldwide Choppers (ft Ceza, U$O, Yelawolf, Twista, Busta Rhymes, D-Loc, JL, Twisted Insane)”

Album: All 6’s and 7’s 2011

Classic Line: 

Tech is hostile, he’s awful
He really be wicked when he be off in the bottle
You with’ it, you dig it, you never lost the apostle
He’s thinkin’ he can give it the Poe and toss it Picasso
Killin’ everybody off is the motto
And I be the only chopper that’s tossed in the brothel
You said it’s pathetic, my head is off in the taco
I sped and you bled and you in the convo’ when I go

I’m light years
Ahead of my peers
Want some, you can come bring it right here
(worldwide choppers)
Can’t clown me
Don’t come ’round me
Bow down, I was crowned when they found me

2. “Fragile (ft Kendrick Lamar, MAYDAY! & Kendall Morgan”

Album: Something Else 2013

Classic Line: 

‘Cause they wrote nothin’ but lies, quotes stuck in my eyes
Amateur writer dissin’
He’s a beginner and hopes for your demise, folks some may despise
Never do try to listen
It’s real, I’m mad
Clueless when you scribble on your pad
How you gonna criticize with a chisel on your nads sizzling your ad
You don’t really get why I’m so pissed? Understand this (Understand this)
I’m an artist, and I’m sensitive about my shit, yes I’m

1. “Caribou Lou”

Album: Everready (The Religion) 2006

Classic Line: 

151 Rum, pineapple juice and Malibu
Caribou get them all numb
Make baby girl come, out of her shell and raise hell
Don’t stop ’til the cops come
Half a bottle of 151 off in a jug
One cup of Malibu Rum, baby that’s whassup then you
Fill the rest of the jug with pineapple juice and it’s crackin’
The only defect is waking up like what happened

Tech N9ne Guest Verses

10. Sway & King Tech “The Anthem”

Album: This or That 1999

Classic Line: 

Your flow’s premature, clean your dirt diaper
Mic heister, psycho, alpha-schizo
Hypno, chryo-gat flow, guru and ain’t nobody tighter
Sway & Tech heard me flow and its sealed
Now I got Swedish women yelling “Tech N9ne’s vild-a”

9. Ill Bill “Only Time Will Tell”

Album: The Hour of Reprisal 2008

Classic Line: 

Part of me Asmodeus, the other side is an evangelist
God gave me melodious but I’m sick, psycho, and scandalous
Outbursts like bismillah, hallelujah
On the other hand I lust for flesh in my quest for gouda

8. Token “YouTube Rapper”

Album: n/a

Classic Line: 

You don’t wanna lay up in the poison predicament
Gonna wage us in a sort of maleficent don’t understate us
I’m the opposite, people say I’m a, dios (wait)
I been on my Rambo, killing ’em off with my camo
And I be coming equipped with the ammo
Pulling ’em outta the bando
Never your rhyming no can handle
No more violence from your semble
And a big Silence of the Lamb-o

7. Stevie Stone “Rain Dance”

Album: Malta Bend 2015

Classic Line: 

Won’t deny ya, cause lil mama sympathy
Tie ya right up, 50 shades of whoopin’ this
Fire lighter, cause she want us two to get
Higher, higher (HEY) so we do this shit
That’s what I do with the strippers
Paid a tip at ’em they coming home with us
We got the killer weed and we got liquor
The simple fact is we the niggas they dig us

6. Missy Elliott “Busa Rhyme”

Album: Cloud Nine 2007

Classic Line: 

You smell that green (green)
That’s the kottonmouth
That’s my family homie hold up what you talkin’ ’bout
If it’s negative
I don’t want to hear it
Eliminatin’ player haters with they evil spirits
Kansas City King
Kickin’ it with the Kings
Take a whiff of weed and we for wicked things

5. Underground Avengers “Thanos”

Album: Anomaly 88 2018

Classic Line: 

Killing everything and everybody, I don’t give a fuck (jack shit!)
How you gonna come and try to battle when your lyrics suck (Black dick!)
All I’m gonna do is eliminate when I generate
The pen had made the planet disintegrate
When I innovate I eat up everything within the beat
Until I’m really stuffed (fat bitch)

4. Hopsin “Rip Your Heart Out”

Album: Knock Madness 2013

Classic Line: 

You don’t wanna be the reason I’mma lose it
Anybody wanna bite, ya better cool it
Imma chop a top when I come cruisin’, Too bit
Slightly chop and I can prove it, stupid

3. Lil Wayne “Interlude”

Album: Tha Carter IV 2011

Classic Line: 

Thank you, baby, for what became Lil Wayne
It’s good that all the people know when Strange in the game
I been really able to hang in the fame
But when he shot at my nig was when it changed in my lane

2. Kutt Calhoun “I Been Dope”

Album: Blueprint 2 2001

Classic Line: 

Off of that I been boss of rap, I been called the gat and that’s N9ne, nigga
Been all of that since I caught the mack and put ‘iancs and racks in my mind, nigga
Even when I shot them at the window, I was a grim nigga take ’em to the end, no men woke
After gettin’ their chin broke, but when the pen stroke, N9na been dope

1. Machine Gun Kelly “Edge of Destruction”

Album: Lace Up 2012

Classic Line: 

Middle finger in the air with a hope and a prayer, I started this
Never had no money then my daughter hit
That was a get-up-and-hustle-nigga starter kit
Hard to spit, bars to get, at stars when it’s, not marketed
You’re far from it, dark and your partner quit
Really barking, you wishing for the spark to get heart in your art a bit


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