The Perfect Gift for the Homemaker in Your Life

Home is where the heart is, and in today’s world, more of us than ever work from our homes. Regardless of how much time you spend in it, what you fill your home with gives insight into who you are. Whether they’re blocking out the world or inviting it in, these are the gifts for people who treasure their home.

Smart Home

Airthings Radon Detector ($299 at

Radon is everywhere in the air around us, and studies from the EPA and American Cancer Society show it’s the number one cause of lung cancer among non-smokers. In fact, Radon-linked deaths surpass drunk driving, drownings, and home fires. Keep an eye on your home’s radon levels with the Airthings Radon Detector, which is partnered with ACS Lung Force and the Norwegian Cancer Society’s Kreftforeningen to stop lung cancer where it starts.

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D-Link Mini HD Wi-Fi Camera ($59.99 at

D-Link has long been a trusted consumer and enterprise networking brand, and with all the advanced malware attacks plaguing IoT products, they’re one I’d trust with my security cameras. This Mini HD Wi-Fi camera has 120-degrees field of view, motion and sound detection, night vision, and 720p HD. Pick one up for every corner of your home to know what’s happening inside, even when you’re not around.

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Hidrate Spark 2.0 Smart Water Bottle ($54.95 at

The Hidrate Spark 2.0 is a bluetooth-connected smart water bottle that connects to your Android or iOS phone to track water intake and glow to remind you to drink more. It also integrates with Fitbit, Apple, Google Fit, Under Armour Record, and Nokia/Withings fitness platforms. Pick one up for the IoT fan in your life.

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LG Hom-Bot Turbo Plus ($999 at

An upgrade from the company’s innovative Wi-Fi robot vacuum, the Hom-Bot Turbo Plus grants you full control over your cleaning experience. Connect your smartphone to see through the camera’s eyes, or schedule specific routines, map your house, and more.

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Molekule Smart Air Purifier ($799 at

Although the Molekule Air Purifier is stylish and compact, those aren’t its selling points. Instead, it’s the two-filter system and Photo Electrochemical Oxidation that eliminates air pollution at a molecular level. Keep your air clean of all sorts of harmful VOCs from dust particles to viruses and bacteria with Molekule, and replace filters using the $99/year subscription service.

Parrot Pot ($79.99 at

Keeping a house plant alive can be impossible for some, and looking online will only tell you to either add more or less sun or water. What’s a noob to do? Order a Parrot Pot, and your favorite person can make their home gardening smarter with automated watering, routine soil checks, and smartphone notifications when your plant needs care. Never let another plant die on your watch with Parrot Pot.

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PhIN Smart Water Care for Hot Tubs ($299 at

It sounds like it’d be fun owning a hot tub until you find out how much work it is to keep the pH balanced with chlorine and bromine, along with monitoring temperatures. Thankfully PhIN makes this easy by connecting sensors to your Wi-Fi network to notify you anytime something’s off.

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PureGear PureSwitch Wireless Smart Plug ($49.99 at

PureGear is changing the game by changing the way you think about your smartphone and other smart devices around your home. The PureSwitch lets you control any device or appliance you plug into it so you can monitor electricity usage and more. It’s a lot less bulky than competitors, making it a great way to start your friend’s smart home journey.

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Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Pro ($400 at

Of all the products in your home, you wouldn’t think the mirror can get any smarter. Simplehuman is changing that with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, up to 10x magnification, and built-in LED lights that can last up to a month on a single charge. Pick one up for your friend who’s always looking at their own reflection.

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Singlecue Gen2 Remoteless Control ($139.99 at

Remote controls are so 20th century. Bring your home into the new millennium with Singlecue’s second generation gesture control device. Just stick out one finger and perform the appropriate gestures to switch sources, change channels, adjust volume, and more all without needing to search for a remote or touch anything.

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Thiel Audio Aurora Home and Aurora Tour ($900 & $600 on

Thiel Audio has been providing high performance audio products for over 40 years, and the Aurora line of speakers are beautiful, sound amazing, and You can connect up to 16 to create a whole-house audio experience. Bring that same amazing quality on the go with the Aurora Tour rechargeable wireless speaker.

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Traeger Timberline 850 Wood-burning Grill ($1699.99 at

Chefs don’t need to be restricted to the kitchen. With the Traeger Timberline 850, they can bring their culinary skills outside with a Wi-Fi connected, convection grill that can smoke or grill anything you put in it. Not only that, but it’s probably built tougher than your car, so you can keep grilling in any conditions.

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Techies and Developers

Anonabox Pro ($119.99 at

Surfing the Internet these days is dangerous because you’re being tracked and monitored at every corner. The Anonabox Pro adds layers of protection by letting you browse behind a Tor Client, VPN, and hardcore encryption. The Pro model is the high-end, providing 128mb RAM, 64mb flash memory, and a 650mhz chipset to ensure you keep your web habits to yourself.

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Cujo Smart Hardware Firewall ($249 at

With the Internet of Things in full swing, it feels like everything is connected these days. While you may have antivirus and firewall protection on your computer and mobile phone, hackers can still take over your smart bulbs, appliances, DVRs, security cameras, and more. Cujo works at the router level to encrypt and protect your entire network against advanced Internet threats.

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Essential Phone 1 w/ 360 Camera ($499 + $179 at

When one of the founders of Android starts a company and releases a phone, all eyes are bound to be on it, and Essential Phone is that phone. The Android fan in your home will love this stripped down OS and the 360 camera accessory is just the icing on the cake. Only available on the Sprint network so far, the phone isn’t going to dethrone Apple or Samsung anytime soon, but first adopters will love having it in their collection as a Wi-Fi based secondary device. It’s also available in black or white.

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iStorage Datashur 32 GB Encrypted USB 2.0 Flash Drive ($131 at

Data security is a major issue, especially for techies and developers. It’s not because they’re more likely to be victims of cyber attacks – they just know it’s coming. Put them at ease with the Datashur flash drive’s AES 256-bit hardware encryption that’s guaranteed to protect any data on it. You can even personalize it with laser etching on the back.

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Portal Smart Gigabit Wi-Fi Router ($148 at

On the outside it looks like just another sleek router with an intuitive app, but the Portal router is so much more. By intelligently monitoring and changing frequency channels to the most optimized connection, it keeps your home Internet running smooth, no matter how congested your neighborhood. It’s especially great for apartments and dorms, but works well in large houses, too.

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Ring Video Doorbell Pro ($249 at

One of the most successful companies to fail getting an investment on Shark Tank, Ring, formerly called DoorBot, is now on the forefront of home security technology. The Video Doorbell Pro provides clear 1080HD video, two way audio, infrared night vision, and customizable motion sensors. It also works with Alexa. It’s the most advanced doorbell on the market and sure to impress the techie on your list.

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Sideclick Universal Remote Attachment ($29.99 at

Smart TVs and converter boxes are the new normal for watching TV. I have a Fire Stick, Roku Ultra, and Chromecast, and the biggest problem with them is needing to still use the TV remote for power, volume, and other vital functions. Sideclick removes these problems with a sleek remote attachment that lets your Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, MiBox, and Nexus TV remote control any TV.

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SteelSeries Rival 310 Mouse and Apex M750 Keyboard ($59.99 and $139.99 at

SteelSeries is known for creating great accessories for computers that gamers, developers, and any tech geek is sure to love. The Rival 310 and Apex M750 make a great gift for the computer owner in your home to feel like they have a brand new computer. These gamer-quality input devices are sleek, comfortable, and rugged enough to handle marathon computing sessions.

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Hosting the Holidays

Aroma360 Holiday Essential Oils ($24.95+ at

Aroma360 makes both consumer and commercial essential oil diffusers, and they released new holiday oils just in time for Christmas. Gingerbread is a personal favorite, with a mix of nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla, and brown sugar. Pick some up to make your holiday party smell like a holiday.

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Bissell Crosswave ($249.99 at

Whether hardwood, tile, or carpet, the Bissell Crosswave can clean anything with its dual-action brush roll, swivel steering, and two-tank system. Get rid of that old, dirty mop and ineffective quick mop, and pick up an all-in-one cleaning machine. It’s small, lightweight, and powerful enough to clean even the toughest of spills and stains.

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Bissell Pet Stain Eraser ($69.99 at

If you have pets (or kids), you’re used to spills magically appearing all over the house. It’s not always easy to get a carpet cleaner in there, so this handheld carpet cleaner is what you need. Spot-clean carpets, upholstery, and furniture using the professional stain formula with Oxy. Whether urine, mud, or spilled drinks, the Pet Stain Eraser can handle any dirt and grime you throw at it.

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Black & Decker Purifry 2L Air Fryer ($149.99 at

From chicken to Twinkies, there are no foods that don’t taste better when fried. Unfortunately deep frying in oil is expensive, dangerous, and bad for your health. Black & Decker’s Air Fryer replaces the oil with two convection fans that can easily fry up to 8 cups (2 liters) of food. With variable temperature control, a 60-minute timer, and non-stick parts, this is the appliance to get for your friend who loves fried everything.

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Blueair Pure 211+ Air Purifier ($249.99 at
The Blueair Aware is among my favorite air-monitoring devices from last holiday season, and Blueair continues to impress this year with the Pure line of air filters. Colorful prefilters are placed on the outside to personalize your style while removing smoke, dust, and pollen from your room at a rate of 5 air changes per hour. Give the gift of fresh air to the host or hostess on your list to ensure their home stays fresh, regardless of how many people they have over.
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Buzz + Bloom Honey ($2.99+ at

Bees are an important part of our ecosystem, and Buzz + Bloom Honey supports the American Community Gardening Association while providing some of the best honey on the market. Derived from lychee and citrus pollen, the honey is 100% pure and sourced from around the world. Satisfy your sweet tooth in a healthy way with organic, fair trade, spreadable, or craft honey that’s sure to bee the buzz of the holidays.

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Char-Broil The Big Easy Oil-less Turkey Fryer ($99.99 at

Fried turkey has quickly become a staple of Thanksgiving dinner, but peanut oil is expensive and a major cause of holiday fires. The Big Easy changes all that by using TRU-infrared heat powered by propane to fry a whole turkey or chicken up to 16 pounds at 16,000 BTUs. A removable drip tray makes cleaning and collecting juices for gravy a simple task. Impress your holiday guests with a juicy turkey and crispy skin that won’t soon be forgotten.

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Copper Chef XL Deep Dish Casserole ($69.99 at

Created by chef and product developer Eric Theiss, the Copper Chef XL is easily the coolest product you’ve seen on late night infomercials. They’re nonstick, PTFE and PFOA free, and have a cerami-tech non-stick coating to make all your meals delicious works of art. Copper Chef is the perfect gift for the professional cook in your life.

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Coravin Model Two Elite Wine System ($349.95 at

Once you open a bottle of wine, you’re basically required to finish it. This can be a pain when throwing a party with people who have different tastes in wine. Sometimes you just want to taste an expensive bottle and make it last. Coravin makes this possible with the ultimate wine lover’s tool that replaces wine with 99.99% pure argon gas to keep it preserved without popping the cork.

Buy Coravin Model Two on Amazon
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CucinaPro Flatbread and Tortilla Maker ($89.99 at

Flatbreads, tortillas, and pitas are easy to make if you know how. If not, CucinaPro has a handy kitchen appliance to help out. Essentially two heated, non-stick, aluminum surfaces you press together, it’s a great way to make authentic homemade tacos, gyros, and other family favorite recipes. Pick one up for the baker on your list.

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Epicurean Butter Finishing Butter ($4.99+ at

Flavored butters are the perfect way to finish any type of meal, adding a zest of buttery flavor to meats, pastas, vegetables, and more. It’s often called finishing butter, and John and Janey Hubschman are Colorado’s masters of infusing sweet and savory flavors into premium butter. Flavors like Maple Syrup, White or Black Truffle, Pumpkin Spice, and Tuscan Herb can turn ordinary into extraordinary in an instant. Buy alone or in packs curated for corn on the cob, seafood, or steak to impress the discerning tongue in your house.

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Giusto Sapore Foods (Prices Vary at

Launched in 2010, Giusto Sapore has been importing fine Italian foods into the U.S. ever since. If you’re looking to create old-world recipes with authentic flavors, these are the products you’ll want to use. Make your holiday meals special with ingredients from Giusto Sapore.

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LG 65” OLED 4K Ultra HDTV ($3499.99 at

LG has been making quality consumer electronics for as long as I remember, so when I got a chance to check out their latest 4K Ultra HDTV, I salivated at the opportunity. It was worth it – this 4K Ultra HDTV is easily the thinnest, most beautiful TV I ever saw. No holiday is complete without watching a parade, football game, or movie, and with this TV, you’ll be the envy of the entire family.

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Metis Ombre Wood Coffee Table Tray ($120 at

The best gifts are those that are handmade, but unfortunately we don’t always have the time to make them. Thankfully Etsy is full of handmade items that you can pass off as your own. This wood serving tray has handcrafted charm and a rustic look that’ll make your family happy knowing you put in the effort.

Nancy’s Fancy Sorbetto and Gelato ($46.95+ at

Famed Chef and Author Nancy Silverton knows her desserts, and there’s no better way to learn that than with this collection of dreamy sorbets and gelatos from Nancy’s Fancy. Decadent flavors like Roasted Banana Gelato, Chocolate Fondente Sorbetto, and Frutti di Bosco Gelato w/ Greek Yogurt will make your mouth water.

T-Fal Color Luxe 12-Piece Cookware Set ($79.99 at

Everyone needs a reliable set of pots and pans, but not everyone can afford them. T-Fal bridges this gap by providing sturdy cookware that stands the test of time without breaking the bank. This titanium, nonstick cookware is PFOA free and uses a unique Thermo-Spot to ensure even preheating for reliable results.

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The Real Dill Pickles ($10.99+ at

Pickles are a great way to feed a lot of people a snack with a lot of flavor. The Real Dill makes premium dill pickles with mouth-watering flavors like Caraway Garlic, Habanero Horseradish, and Spicy Caribbeans. Pick up a jar or two to add flavor to your holiday meal.

The Spice Lab Teas ($16+ at

Holidays are a time to relax and reminisce with the family, and sometimes it takes a little bit of help from herbal teas to keep the peace. Started from a Christmas gift, The Spice Lab is one of the top 50 women-owned businesses in Florida, providing high quality spices, teas, and herbal blends to everyone’s table.

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Valerie Confections Chocolate Bars (Prices Vary at
Founded in 2004, Valerie Confections have been serving toffees, chocolates, and other sweets to Los Angeles for years, and they’re upping their game by shipping these delicious confections all over the country for the holidays. Give some to the chocolate love in your life.

Vosges Chocolat Soiree Smash ($50 at
Dark chocolate hardly needs any introductions, but you can make it a more shareable event with Soire Smash. One full pound of super dark 72% cacao coconut ash and banana dark chocolate comes with a wooden mallet so guests can take turns smashing it and eating the delectable pieces that come loose.


Dr. Brian Penny is a former Business Analyst and Operations Manager at Bank of America turned whistleblower, troll, and freelance writer. You can find his work in Cracked, High Times, HuffPost, Lifewire, Forbes, Fast Company, and dozens of other places, although much of it is no longer under his name. Dr. Penny loves annoying fake media.

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