The Perfect Outdoor Gift for Everyone on Your List

Being cooped up inside all day is no way to go through life. Every so often, even the most anti-social of us needs to get outside and experience sunshine and fresh air. Some of us enjoy challenging our bodies, while others just want to watch. And of course, all of us should be mindful of our impact on nature and our community. Here are the perfect gifts for people who enjoy living outside.

Tailgaters and Sports Fans

Buff Borae Hat and Knit Neckwarmer ($33 & $40 at

Buff has been making tubular headwear for over 25 years now, and they integrate technical fabrics into them for the most evolved innovations on the market. The Borae Hat has retro roots and modern looks with a 100% acrylic knit and PrimaLoft polar fleece liner. Pick one up with a matching neckwarmer to complete the look for your favorite tailgater.

Buy Buff Borae Hat on Amazon
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Canyon Cooler Scout ($169.99 at

The Scout from Canyon Coolers is a 22-Quart, roto-molded cooler that puts those expensive Yeti coolers to shame. With 12 tie-down points and an innovative bungee net system, you’ll be able to keep your food both cold and secure while driving out to the big game. The HUNTX foam insulation retains ice for up to 72 hours and can even keep blood/plasma fresh for 40 hours in an emergency situation. It’ll for sure work on your coleslaw and beer, dude.

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Char-Broil Comfort-Grip Meat Shears ($5.99 at

When barbecuing for the big game, you’ll need some tough tools to get the job done. These meat shears from Char-Broil are actually a multi-purpose tool with built-in bottle opener, nut cracker, flat head screwdriver, and more. They’re also dishwasher safe, so you’ll have no problem getting them clean after a messy day in the stadium parking lot.
Buy Char-Broil Meat Shears on Amazon
Buy Char-Broil Meat Shears on eBay

Crock-Pot NFL Cook & Carry Slow Cooker ($59.99 at

Crock-Pot is the only reason you have a slow cooker, even if it’s not there’s you’re using. The Cook & Carry line makes it even easier to cook and share nacho cheese, chili, meatballs, wings, and other tailgating staples with the rest of your squad. An NFL license on top of that means you can show your team colors without having to say a word.

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Doc Popcorn Popcorn Tubs ($15+ at

Popcorn is a universal snack for tailgating at any sport, whether football, baseball, soccer, or even watching them at home on TV. Doc Popcorn has a variety of flavors, like Apple Crisp, Cookies n Cream, and Cheesy Cheddar, to satisfy your craving for something sweet or salty. You can even get tins with your favorite NFL, NCAA, or MLB teams and reuse the tins for whatever you want.

Full Moon BBQ Ultimate BBQ Box ($30.99 at

No tailgate is complete without barbecue, and Full Moon has been pleasing southerners for over 30 years as the Best Little Pork House in Alabama. The Ultimate BBQ Box has full-sized jars of its award-winning bar-b-que sauce, southern seasoning, famous chow-chow, and Alabama white sauce to make the opposing fans literally drool with jealousy.

Kelty Linger Get-Down Chair ($149.95 at

Just because you’re tailgating doesn’t mean you need to be sitting uncomfortably. If anyone knows how to make the outdoors more comfortable, it’s Kelty, and the Linger Get-Down chair is the ultimate in outdoor comfort and convenience. Bring it to your favorite games, festivals, and outdoor events to relax in style.

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Kicker Bullfrog Bluetooth Speaker ($399.95 at

Crank some tunes to get the tailgate started with the Kicker Bullfrog BF400 outdoor speaker. A built-in FM tuner, AUX jack, and USB charging station are just the start. This speaker has 360-degree sound, 20 hours of playback, IP66 weatherproofing, and multiple speakers can be daisy chained for even more powerful sound.

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Mrs. Renfro’s Salsa ($3.95 at

Whether chips and salsa or full-on nachos, you can’t tailgate without these staples, and Mrs. Renfro’s salsas are the best way to spice things up at game time. With classic flavors like Black Bean, Craft Beer, and Toasted Garlic, along with holiday favorites like Pumpkin, you can’t go wrong.

Buy Mrs. Renfro’s Salsa on Amazon

Peggy Jean’s Pie in a Jar (Pricing Varies at

Peggy Jean’s Pies in Missouri serves up some of the best pies in America, and now they’ll ship delicious pies in a jar to your door anywhere in the U.S. Favorites like Chocolate Bourbon Pecan, Dutch Apple, and even savory pies can be make anyone’s holiday brighter. Even the jars they come in are reusable for candles, jellies, and more.

Rumpl El Puffy Blanket ($129 at

Mexican blankets are a staple of the Southwest, and Rumpl is finally bringing a new dimension to them. The El Puffy is based on the traditional Mexican blanket design, but it’s actually a 20D Ripstop nylon and polyester blanket with 3D hollow fiber synthetic insulation. This traditional design on a technical blanket is the perfect way to stay warm while rooting your team on to victory.
Buy Rumpl El Puffy Blanket on Amazon

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The New Primal Grass-Fed Jerky (Price Varies at

While hiking and camping through all those stadium parking lots in search of tickets, jerky and meat sticks provide much-needed energy to refuel your body. Unfortunately, the preservatives and low-quality meat can cancel these benefits out. The New Primal makes your parking lot journey healthier while still staying delicious.

Buy The New Primal Jerky on Amazon

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Trinova Car Wash Bundle ($64.97 at

You can’t show up to a tailgate with a dirty car. Nobody wants to be seen hanging out in a pile of dirt, and it’s only a matter of time before everyone starts writing on your windows. Make your vehicle shine with professional-grade auto cleaning and detailing supplies from Trinova.

Buy Trinova Car Wash Bundle on Amazon

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Fitness Buffs

2(x)ist Fitness Wear (Price Varies at

Pronounced “to exist,” 2(x)ist has been developing stylish clothing since the late 20th century. These clothes push boundaries to keep you dry and pushing hard through your reps, whether you’re a man, woman, or something in between. Pick some up for the personal trainer in your life.

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Arccos 360 Golf Performance Tracker ($249.99 at

Golf can be either the most relaxing or frustrating sport, depending on how good you are at it. To help improve your game, Arccos designed this set of 14 bluetooth trackers that can attach to every club in your bag to record and track every swing with Live Shot Tracking, GPS 2.0, and Tour Analytics to provide the best data possible. If you can’t get a Meeseeks box to shave a few points off your handicap, Arccos 360 should do the trick.

Buy Arccos 360 on Amazon

Buy Arccos 360 on eBay

Beats by Dre Power Beats 3 Wireless Earbuds ($199.95 at
Ever since Apple bought Beats by Dre from Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine, they’ve served as Apple’s premium headphone line. The Powerbeats 3 wireless earbuds are designed with fitness in mind, with an adjustable fit, crisp sound, and up to 12 hours of battery life. If you know a runner, they definitely have music in their ears, and Beats by Dre can make it sound better.
Buy Beats by Dre Powerbeats3 on Amazon
Buy Beats by Dre Powerbeats3 on eBay

Calia by Carrie Underwood Workout Clothes ($6.99+ at
Although Carrie Underwood is known for her voice and musical talent, she’s also in great shape. Calia is the fitness line endorsed and used by the singer to provide activewear that makes it easier for women to get or stay in shape with creative patterns and designs that support where it counts. Find the line at Dick’s Sporting Goods and put a smile on the face of the healthy woman on your list.

Ice Shaker ($29.99 at

Shaker bottles are a staple for fitness fanatics, and the Ice Shaker is a premium offering that integrates your shaker into a stainless steel, vacuum-insulated bottle that’s odor free and keeps 26 ounces of your drink cold for over 30 hours. You’ve seen it in the Shark Tank this season too. Show your favorite gym rat you love them with a new shaker bottle in their favorite color and engraved with a special message.

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Jabra Elite Sport Earbuds ($199.99 at
You need music when working out, and Jabra has the only performance earbuds on the market that are truly wireless. Take calls, jam out, and more with up to 4.5 hours of playtime on each charge (and a charging case that can fully recharge them twice). On top of that, the Jabra Sport Life app lets you track heart rate, reps, and more using the built-in sensors.

Buy Jabra Elite Sport on Amazon
Buy Jabra Elite Sport on eBay

Motion by Coalition Activewear (Price Varies at
Coalition LA provides premier outerwear with PETA-approved vegan materials. The motion collection by Coalition brings this same business ethic to clothing for fitness. Pick up some clothes for the fitness buff in your circle who also cares about saving animals and the environment.

Buy Motion by Coalition on eBay

Nokia Steel Activity & Sleep Tracker and Body Cardio WiFi Scale ($129.95 & $179.95 at

Keeping track of fitness data is getting easier than ever thanks to digital platforms that combine wearable sensors with smarthome technology. Nokia’s platform includes a wearable activity and sleep tracker, along with a connected scale. Combine the two to track in-depth and historical results.

Buy Nokia Health on Amazon

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Omega 8006 Nutrition System Juicer ($299.99 at

The best way to get nutrients, vitamins, and minerals into your body before and after workouts is by juicing. Omega makes the top-rated juicers on the market, and this 8006 model is the cream of the crop. Easily juice carrots, bananas, and everything in between, or switch things up by making nut butter, and even pasta. It’s the ultimate kitchen gadget for fitness freaks.

Buy Omega Juicers on Amazon

Buy Omega Juicers on eBay

Polar A370 Fitness Tracker ($179.95 at

Another great way to track your progress toward fitness goals is with the Polar Fitness tracker, that monitors heart rate, GPS, and sleep in a waterproof design meant for rigorous workouts. Give the ability to keep track of notifications, calories burned, and benefits of their activities.

Buy Polar A370 Fitness Tracker on Amazon

Buy Polar A370 Fitness Tracker on eBay

Pure Cycles Urban Commuter Bike ($449 at

There are few things in life that can compare to the workout and thrill of riding a bike through the city streets with headphones on and a breeze running through your hair. This 8-speed alloy bike is lightweight and rugged enough to handle whatever you throw at it. Give your friends the gift of speed this holiday season.

QardioBase2 Smart Digital Scale ($149.99 at

Smart scales are everywhere these days, but the QardioBase2 sticks out for its sleek design and great UI. Smart sensors keep track of weight, muscle mass, fat percentage, bone and water composition, and more for each individual in the family. On top of that, it only needs to be recharged once a year.

Buy QardioBase2 on Amazon

Buy QardioBase2 on eBay

Rhinomed Turbine ($19.95 at

Breathing is important when cycling, running, or do any type of sport. Even meditation and yoga centers around proper breathing techniques. Turbine by Rhinomed is clinically proven to increase airflow through the nostrils by up to 38%. Give the gift of better breathing to the fitness buff on your list.

Buy Rhinomed Turbine on Amazon

Buy Rhinomed Turbine on eBay

Rollerblade Macroblade 80 ABT ($150+ at

Although we’re decades behind the peak of Rollerblade’s popularity, they’re still a great alternative to roller skates to get around fast and burn calories. These are the perfect gift for your friend that’s into roller derbies.

Buy Rollerblade Macroblades on Amazon

Buy Rollerblade Macroblades on eBay

Roxy Fitness Wear (Price Varies at

What started as a female-inspired offspring of Quicksilver quickly became a recognized brand in women’s fitness clothing. Originally a swimwear line, Roxy is now a full line of clothing for all occasions. The fitness wear helps women feel beautiful while working out, making it a great gift for the health nut on  your list.

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Buy Roxy on eBay

Sticky Be Socks ($15+ at

Yoga is one of my favorite activities, and it doesn’t require much gear. A mat is great, but even that’s unnecessary when you can just put on a pair of Sticky Be Socks to get a grip (and a motivational message) on the floor during your yoga routine. Adding icing to the cake, they also donate socks to moms who have babies in the NICU, Cancer Survivor Classes, Baby2Baby Los Angeles and more.

Buy Sticky Be Socks on Amazon
Buy Sticky Be Socks on eBay

Sweat Cosmetics Starting Lineup ($100 at
With everything you need for a flawless day, the Starting Lineup by Sweat Cosmetics includes a powder jar of mineral foundation, a twist brush mineral foundation, and 30 skin-balancing cleansing towelettes. In clinical tests, over 84% of women felt the product was still intact of an hour of workout. It’s perfect for the crossfit fanatic, yogi, or even dancer in your life.
Buy Sweat Cosmetics on Amazon
Buy Sweat Cosmetics on eBay

Naturally Beautiful

Ahava Mineral Body Lotion ($29 at

Ahava makes natural products that moisturize and clean your skin without leaving residues that make your skin greasy or sticky. Perfect for daily use, this mineral body lotion has aloe vera, dead sea minerals, and witch hazel extract to leave your skin looking its best. Pick some up for the natural beauty on your list.

Buy Ahava Mineral Body Lotion on Amazon

Buy Ahava Mineral Body Lotion on eBay Soothing Cream Cleanser ($32 at

Amala uses high-potency, organic plants to create natural skincare products that work without sacrificing the environment. Their soothing cream cleanser is made from organic desert fig seed, nopal leaf, and organic Moroccan chamomile that cleans your pores and leaves sensitive skin feeling soft, without the use of synthetic fragrances, dyes, surfactants, preservatives, and emulsifiers.

Buy Amala on Amazon
Buy Amala on eBay

Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist and Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum ($24 & $69 at
Dr. Jurgen Klein and his wife Ulrike are passionate believers in the healing power of nature. That’s why they started farming and producing organic skin products that combine alchemy, herbal medicine, and homeopathy to create natural products that actually work.

Buy Jurlique on Amazon
Buy Jurlique on eBay

Kerastase Aura Botanical Shampoo and Conditioner ($24+ at
Part of L’oreal’s professional products division, Kerastase has been providing luxury hair care products to professional salons since 1964. The Aura Botanical line consists of natural hair products, including hand picked Samoan Coconut, Moroccan Argan oil, and Sweet Orange essential oil to leave your hair looking its best.
Buy Kerastase Aura Botanicals on Amazon
Buy Kerastase Aura Botanicals on eBay

Max & Madeleine Feel Better Gift Set ($62 at

Max and Madeleine create safe, non-toxic products that make a difference. The Feel Better Gift Set includes Lavender Rosemary Bath Salts, Boo Boo Stick, Healing Balm, and Sweet Dreams Aromatherapy Rollerball. Pick some up for the person on your list who needs a spa day but still wants natural products.

Buy Max & Madeleine on Amazon
Buy Max & Madeleine on eBay

SkinOwl Travel Kit ($75 at

Annie Tevelin is on a mission to provide skincare products that work without all those harsh chemicals and artificial ingredients. That’s why she created SkinOwl. The Range Travel collection includes all of SkinOwl’s essential products in a canvas travel pouch, like Beauty Drops, Mini Neck+, Mini Eye+, and a Turmeric Mini Beauty Bar.

Buy SkinOwl on Amazon
Buy SkinOwl on eBay

Gifts that Give Back

Alter Eco Chocolate ($3.99+ at

Both fairtrade and organic, Alter Eco supports small-scale cacao, sugar, rice, and quinoa farmers in developing countries provide sustainable food products that taste great and do good for the environment. This chocolate comes in bars and truffles, with dreamy flavors like Dark Salt & Malt, Dark Brown Butter, and Dark Twist. They’re sure to please the chocolate lover in your life with a heart of gold.

Buy Alter Eco on Amazon

Back to the Roots Self-Watering Tomato Plant ($29.99 at

Back to the Roots started in a fraternity kitchen with the goal of connecting people with where our food really comes from. For every product photo you post, the company will donate a ready-to-grow kit and custom curriculum to the elementary school classroom of your choice. Give one of these ready-to-grow tomato plants to someone who enjoys growing their own food, and give another to your local school. It’s a win-win for everybody.

Buy Back to the Roots on Amazon

Buy Back to the Roots on eBay

Batch Discovery Box ($49 at

The southern U.S. is filled with amazing local business that handcraft high-quality products in small batches. Batch was started in Nashville, but has since spread to include local small businesses throughout the south. Make America great again by supporting local businesses that stand in the face of the Amazons and Walmarts of the world by giving Batch to a loved one this holiday season.

Beeswax Co Hamilton Jar Candle ($35.95 at
If scents aren’t your thing, then check out natural beeswax candles from Texas. This 100% pure beeswax candle has a light scent of honey when burned and lasts for 70 hours. On top of working hand-in-hand with bees, they donate candles to charities throughout the community.

Community Coffee Morning Coffee Set ($29.99 at

As you can probably guess from the name, Community Coffee is all about supporting everyone in the community, from schools to soldiers, the environment, and everything in between. If buying Community Coffee is that good for your karma, imagine what giving it is going to do. If Earl Hickey had friends that good, he wouldn’t have spent four years making up for all the bad things he did.

Buy Community Coffee on Amazon

Cotopaxi Toliman Pullover Wool Hoodie ($139.95 at

Cotopaxi is a certified B Corporation that creates innovative outdoor products based on a belief of sustainability, doing good, and poverty alleviation. They are dedicated to providing health and education to those who need it, and they distribute grants to a plethora of nonprofit partners. The Toliman Pullover Wool Hoodie is made with Polartec’s lightweight Power Wool to keep you comfortable and warm in any weather.

Buy Cotopaxi Toliman Hoodie on Amazon
Buy Cotopaxi Toliman Hoodie on eBay

LifeStraw Play Filtered Water Bottle ($39.95 at

The LifeStraw team is dedicated to bringing clean water to everyone, especially underdeveloped countries. For every purchase you make, a LifeStraw will be donated to a developing third-world school. Play is the latest release from the brand, and this small water bottle with a filter is great for anyone on your list who uses public water fountains or sinks.

Buy LifeStraw Play on Amazon

Buy LifeStraw Play on eBay

MatchBack Subscription Clothing Box ($37/month at

MatchBack is a subscription clothing company where you can buy monthly boxes of clothes ranging from shirts to hats, shorts, socks, sunglasses, and more. On top of this, for every box you buy, the same box is donated to a kid in need. Now you can look good while knowing you’re helping someone else.

Buy MatchBack Clothing on eBay

Olukai Hawaiian-Inspired Footwear ($65-200 at
Olukai is a certified B Corporation that has a passion for sustainability, is part of The Conservation Alliance, and has its own Ama Olukai Foundation to help preserve the Hawaiian culture. I’m part Hawaiian, and love both the functionality and style of this rugged footwear company. Pick some up to help preserve paradise.

Buy Olukai Shoes on Amazon
Buy Olukai Shoes on eBay

Leesa Pillow ($75 at

Leesa is committed to helping the planet. For every ten mattresses sold, they plant ten trees and donate one mattress to someone in need. They also actively participate in local charities. On top of all this charity, they actually create great products, and this pillow is filled with responsive, adaptive Avena foam that’s engineered to improve airflow and stay cool.

Buy Leesa Pillow on Amazon
Buy Leesa Pillow on eBay

Zuri Dresses ($145 at
The word mzuri is Swahili for good, and Zuri dresses are made using African textiles and sold with the hopes of creating a sustainable economy in Kenya. Support the cause while looking stylish in one of these colorful dresses that are sure to impress whoever you give them to.


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